Tuesday, September 23, 2008

To be with you!

All my life I been looking for you.
You were everywhere.
I still couldn't see you.
When I saw you, I became blind
Blind to everything else.
Blind to anyone, to everyone.
To myself
I don't need my eyes anymore.
I can see you without looking.
I can see your face
With my eyes closed

Monday, September 8, 2008

What is love?

What is love?
Only a sickness
But in sickness is
Where you find life
Your mother got sick
You came to this world.
You are a product of love.
So am I.
Shame if this fire
Ever gets extinguished.


A tree gets sick.
Sheds its leaves every fall,
Just like that nice lady
On Chemotherapy.
Gets bald.
She goes through the pain.
Pain of cold, pain of dryness
Every winter.
So she can bring us fruite every summer.
So she can make seeds.
And fill the orchard with baby trees.


A rock doesn't multiply
Becomes smaller and smaller .
Without replacing itself
With another bigger one
Another better one.
Rock is not a lover.
Even if she wants to love.
She doesn't want pain
There is no love without pain.
Either both, or nothing.



Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Drop of Water !!!

  • Clouds are forming with unbelievable speed.

    What is all this noise about?
    What is all the humming promotions?

    Happy drops of water.
    All come together to form the cloud.
    The shape they want it to be.
    What is it going to be today?

    Every one of them, every drop of water,
    Have thousands of atoms in their stomach.
    And inside those atoms,
    A big symphony is playing.
    Every atom filled with a music band.
    A world inside an atom.
    Music notes, strings, and dancers,
    All synchronized.

    Breathe taking order.
    Positioned just right.

    The unstoppable music fills the air.
    Who could compose with such a beauty?
    It is totally magic.
    Asking for miracle?
    There is your miracle.
    There is never business as usual.
    A magic every second,
    A miracle every nanosecond.

    The particles and the strings inside each atom,
    Dancing to the rhythm,
    Turning at a speed that makes you dizzy,
    Dance of twirling Dervishes,
    All the instruments playing notes,
    From symphony number 01
    Called Love and Universe
    Love inside love,
    Universe inside universe.

    Then all the atoms inside the drop of water synchronized.
    Making a big piece
    Composed of thousand and thousand smaller pieces
    from all the instrument and dancers in each atom.
    That brings even bigger harmony to the drop.

    Now each drop have different tune,
    Composed with all the little parts, big parts.
    Hi octave, low ones, high pitch, small pitch and in the middle.

    The curtain opens,

    It is home coming for the water.

    Clapping, light effects, thunder, lightning.
    All the nature is all ears and eyes,

    Trees are excited and ocean is proud,
    Grass is hungry to swallow all the beauty.

    Rain starts,
    The water is coming home,
    Getting united with ocean,

    All the hugging and excitement.

    But there is already talk about next mission.

    The cycle that will start all over again.

    Seattle 8/28/08 9PM
    ©thecarriagehorse.comAll rights reserved
  • Saturday, July 26, 2008

    Dark light!

    "I wish I could sell a thousand tongues just to buy  one more ear"
    Rumi  12th Century

    "I wish I could sell a thousand tongue just to buy one more ear"
    Rumi 12th Century

    The old flute player,
    Playing the most beautiful melody.
    Melody of time.
    No one around him,
    A big desert,
    Coldness, spread all over
    He doesn't need light to see.
    Doesn't need air to blow.
    Blowing anyway.
    Air appears from nowhere,
    Fills the vacuum.
    A sparkle from the tip of the flute,
    Making a crackling noise.
    Suddenly turns to light.
    Black, invisible light.
    Dark light.
    Yes, dark light does exist.
    I have heard it.
    You hear dark light.
    You are not supposed to see it.
    A string of light,
    All black, all cold
    It Roars.

    Roars, spreads, and fills, crackles.
    Magical bubble, getting bigger and bigger.
    Tiny poke a dots on the surface.
    The first stardust appears.
    I am a tiny dot, inside the tiny dot.
    We all waiting for the fire.
    Still too dark, to cold.
    Substations getting filled with electricity.
    We all there, unaware of what is ahead.
    Still freezing in blinding darkness.
    Flute is getting louder and louder.
    Something weird.
    I can hear,
    Thinking hearing, is the only sense I am ever going to get.
    The only thing I will ever need.
    One ear,
    Thinking that's the only thing I will ever need.
    Listening to the mesmerizing wonderful melody.
    Melody that melts the heart
    The heart of a creature with one ear
    And no eyes.
    No tongue to repeat the melody.
    How could I, how could anyone?

    Unaware, the melody is just the beginning.
    Other voices, strange,
    What is that?
    Beginning of a symphony.
    The flute player has a band now.
    I am part of that band,
    You are too. Remember the end of that long, dark cold day.
    We are completing the symphony.
    We make the melody perfect.
    Coldness is not that cold anymore.
    Heat? What is this weird sensation?
    I thought I was only supposed to hear.
    Wow, I am moving.
    So I wasn't supposed to be stationary?
    Hey, where are you going? Why everybody is moving away from me?
    Amazing. We are not stuck together, yet it’s still not cold.
    They are moving because they can and they have to.
    So am I
    My ear says, this is too much,
    Sound is dull with all that noise.
    I hear a smart one from to the right says,
    Wait, it will get better, you need stereo ears to feel all the beauty in this new symphony.
    What? I hear cracking.
    Why do I need two ears instead of one?
    I could hear all the voices and melodies just fine!
    No, I couldn't,
    This is different.
    Melody feels different.
    Can I have four?
    No says my neighbor.
    For now, you have to do with two.
    Not enough ears for everybody.
    Wow, warmer, warmer.
    What is this?
    I can feel something, but its not a sound, not a
    Not a melody, not a symphony.
    That's light.
    The flute player says.
    One of him?
    Billions of us.
    How can he hear every single one of us?
    And reply to everyone at the same time?

    I am the flue player.
    I am the director of the symphony.
    I am the creator of your ear.
    He says.
    And what? We all say...

    And what? We ask again.

    Look he says!

    Look? What is that word, what it means?

    Look! I order you to look,

    Frustrated, angry!
    But before he finishes his sentence...

    Blinding light, than thousands and thousands of light fountains.
    How can I hear this? Wait, it has no sound.
    Than how can I hear it?

    You don't hear that. You see it.

    What? You see it I said, that's what I meant by look!
    And please don't repeat same question anymore.

    You are too young to have Alzheimer.

    Alzheimer, what is that I ask?
    _Never mind, you would understand when the time comes.

    I see read light, yellow sparkles, green ones, blue ones, all colors.
    What is this? The marbles I can see with?
    Those are your eyes, they are stereo to begin with.
    Never forget what you see today.
    This beautiful symphony is called creation.

    In the future, you will have to learn a lot more.

    There will be angels in these worlds,
    Mountains, rivers, lakes,
    Oceans, trees,
    Skies and stars, dancing planets
    Which will complete the symphony.
    Just sit and watch the 3D movie.
    Timeless drama of romance and love.
    Love of the creator.
    If you were good and patient enough
    You can watch in more dimensions
    Maybe five, maybe ten even

    None of them make sense to me, but I am confident it will.

    One more question, I ask.
    Why do I feel so complete?

    You are not!, I am! He says.
    And you have my soul.

    Interesting, weird.
    But I think I like it. I reply.
    I guess I have to know what soul is.
    I am not going to bother you by asking again.
    I know you meant for us that we discover it ourselves.

    See you getting smart he says.

    You know what? Why have I created you before angels and mountains?
    Oceans and volcanoes,
    Tornadoes and Asteroids?
    Because my soul is ancient,
    And when I decided to share it with you and create love.
    I shared this love with you.

    You should be proud,
    You are a human,

    The rest is up to you.
    You can use my power as I gave it to you.
    Just remember you are special.
    Use it wisely.

    And the symphony expanded exponentially.
    Don't look for miracles and magic.
    Listen! .... Look! Feel the warmth.

    But always listen first, that's how I started, that's how you started!

    Poem from :
    Ahmad Kabuli

    All rights reserved: © 2008

    Want to know why listening and being all ear is important? Not listening is the cause and listening is the key to end all human sufferings. I have tried to explain it here

    Feel free to check it out.


    Thursday, June 19, 2008

    I am a shadow

    I am a shadow,
    but not as dense as I used to be.
    My shades are fading.
    I was playing hide and seek with the Sun once.
    It kept my density intact.
    I was thinking:
    I preserve myself better that way.
    Self-defense, like all animals, all living beings.
    I was preserving by staying away from the sun.
    I laugh at my Immaturity now.
    I was going nowhere then.
    Preservation means losing big time.
    Preserving body keeps the soul in chains.
    Now every day I become less and less dense.
    I am becoming more transparent.
    My love reached to me.
    And I reached to him.
    Still have a long way to go.
    Or maybe not that long.
    Only he knows.
    The one who sent me here.
    "Go, be a shadow on earth", he says.
    Let see if you can do what I am sending you for.
    Let's see if you can find your way back home.

    He is a gambler, and so am I.
    But now I am a smart one.
    I learned from my master.
    His bit was always sure.
    I learned to make mine sure too.
    I have a great teacher.
    His essence did the trick.
    I try to destroy everything,
    that's not him, within me.
    I am throwing away the impurity.
    I am transparent shadow now.
    I am not as eager to play anymore.
    I am bored from that game.
    But now the sun is addicted to what we started.

    Playing hide and seek.
    I am making progress.
    Every day I become less and less dense.
    You can see through me now.
    Soon he will have no choice but to accept me.
    Sun will shine.
    I will go away.
    Disappear forever

    It doesn't matter anymore.
    I see him around the corner,
    The one I am playing with.
    I abandon the game
    and I walk toward him.
    I run when I can.
    For me the game is over.
    He laughs, he says come on.
    You made it.
    I frown, I say what took you so long.
    Then I laugh too.
    I don't exist.
    I am part of Sun, eternal Sun.

    He is addicted.
    He will send more shadows.
    But they are not going to be me.
    I feel sorry for them.
    And pray that they play the game.
    As good as I did.
    I want to show them one trick.
    If they listen:
    Don't be fools.
    Your games are timed.
    Your time is limited. His is not.
    As long as you remember that,
    His love is so great. He lets you win.
    I am happy now.
    What a bargain!
    I sold myself, and bought the Sun.

    I have translated this poem in Farsi, you can read it here !!


    Calendar of shadows: June 19, 2008

    Monday, June 16, 2008

    Hidden treasure

    Come on,
    Don't be shy,
    Show yourself,
    We both know that I know,
    I seen you once,
    What makes you think,
    That, I can't see you again,
    You went through me,
    Like I didn't even exist.
    So arrogant.
    But now your secret is revealed.
    So save your energy.
    No need to hide.
    Dimensions are gone.
    I can penetrate
    Your invisible wall


    Who am I, not to share?
    What is already yours.
    Take whatever you can.
    Leave nothing to me.
    All I need is love of Nothingness.
    Of Non_Existence
    I am not giving that to you.
    You don't even need to reach for that.
    Its given to you for free
    When you seek it.
    When you want it badly.
    Am I selfish?
    God I hope not.
    My spirit is free. Or, is it?
    I may still have a way to reach it.
    Getting closer.
    But the last mile is always the longest.
    My journey will end , when I reach there.
    Another world will be born.
    The one that surrounds me.
    And yet still I cannot see,
    When I open my eyes.
    But I can feel when they are closed.
    I fly away to unreachable.
    I touch the sky.
    I spread my arms, my wings.
    I will never reach down to you.
    But up, up, yes I will reach up.
    Because you are there.
    Touching is not everything.
    I can see you, happy, floating, singing.
    Seeing is better than touching.
    When you see with your eyes closed
    Evil can not get between.
    You will never wake Satan up,
    When you love without touching.
    When you see without the eyes.
    When you stop the tongue and open your ears.
    Not the ears in your head.
    The ears of your heart.
    7:09 AM

    Tuesday, March 11, 2008

    The Ring of Fire!

    To a good friend

    Listen traveler. Don't come close to me.
    Don't you dare touch my heat
    Stay away from my fire.
    Take care of your delicate body.
    My fire will melt steel.
    Your bones are too fragile,
    Your skin is too soft.
    Put some moisturizer and watch MTV.
    Choose what is good for you.
    What you can take.
    What you can tolerate.
    Know your limits.
    Pick the body.
    Forget about soul.
    Walking in the garden is preferable.
    Walking inside the fire is not for you.
    Stay away from me.
    Let me burn.
    Let me burn, I am on a journey.
    Don't extinguish this fire.
    Never-mind, You can't.
    Too hot for you.
    Good, keep that distance.
    I am going....
    Reuniting with the sun.
    My fire will get swallowed by him
    We become one.
    I reach my love.
    The first question I ask
    "What took you so long?"

    I see that you're still not leaving.
    Not scared?
    Hop in then.
    I am late already.
    Love has no limits.
    I am not going to share mine.
    But he is.

    I can't keep you away
    Even with all the warning.
    Your foot is already inside.
    In the ring of fire.

    Original Title was Sarcasm

    © March 2008