Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Ring of Fire!

To a good friend

Listen traveler. Don't come close to me.
Don't you dare touch my heat
Stay away from my fire.
Take care of your delicate body.
My fire will melt steel.
Your bones are too fragile,
Your skin is too soft.
Put some moisturizer and watch MTV.
Choose what is good for you.
What you can take.
What you can tolerate.
Know your limits.
Pick the body.
Forget about soul.
Walking in the garden is preferable.
Walking inside the fire is not for you.
Stay away from me.
Let me burn.
Let me burn, I am on a journey.
Don't extinguish this fire.
Never-mind, You can't.
Too hot for you.
Good, keep that distance.
I am going....
Reuniting with the sun.
My fire will get swallowed by him
We become one.
I reach my love.
The first question I ask
"What took you so long?"

I see that you're still not leaving.
Not scared?
Hop in then.
I am late already.
Love has no limits.
I am not going to share mine.
But he is.

I can't keep you away
Even with all the warning.
Your foot is already inside.
In the ring of fire.

Original Title was Sarcasm

© March 2008