Saturday, July 26, 2008

Dark light!

"I wish I could sell a thousand tongues just to buy  one more ear"
Rumi  12th Century

"I wish I could sell a thousand tongue just to buy one more ear"
Rumi 12th Century

The old flute player,
Playing the most beautiful melody.
Melody of time.
No one around him,
A big desert,
Coldness, spread all over
He doesn't need light to see.
Doesn't need air to blow.
Blowing anyway.
Air appears from nowhere,
Fills the vacuum.
A sparkle from the tip of the flute,
Making a crackling noise.
Suddenly turns to light.
Black, invisible light.
Dark light.
Yes, dark light does exist.
I have heard it.
You hear dark light.
You are not supposed to see it.
A string of light,
All black, all cold
It Roars.

Roars, spreads, and fills, crackles.
Magical bubble, getting bigger and bigger.
Tiny poke a dots on the surface.
The first stardust appears.
I am a tiny dot, inside the tiny dot.
We all waiting for the fire.
Still too dark, to cold.
Substations getting filled with electricity.
We all there, unaware of what is ahead.
Still freezing in blinding darkness.
Flute is getting louder and louder.
Something weird.
I can hear,
Thinking hearing, is the only sense I am ever going to get.
The only thing I will ever need.
One ear,
Thinking that's the only thing I will ever need.
Listening to the mesmerizing wonderful melody.
Melody that melts the heart
The heart of a creature with one ear
And no eyes.
No tongue to repeat the melody.
How could I, how could anyone?

Unaware, the melody is just the beginning.
Other voices, strange,
What is that?
Beginning of a symphony.
The flute player has a band now.
I am part of that band,
You are too. Remember the end of that long, dark cold day.
We are completing the symphony.
We make the melody perfect.
Coldness is not that cold anymore.
Heat? What is this weird sensation?
I thought I was only supposed to hear.
Wow, I am moving.
So I wasn't supposed to be stationary?
Hey, where are you going? Why everybody is moving away from me?
Amazing. We are not stuck together, yet it’s still not cold.
They are moving because they can and they have to.
So am I
My ear says, this is too much,
Sound is dull with all that noise.
I hear a smart one from to the right says,
Wait, it will get better, you need stereo ears to feel all the beauty in this new symphony.
What? I hear cracking.
Why do I need two ears instead of one?
I could hear all the voices and melodies just fine!
No, I couldn't,
This is different.
Melody feels different.
Can I have four?
No says my neighbor.
For now, you have to do with two.
Not enough ears for everybody.
Wow, warmer, warmer.
What is this?
I can feel something, but its not a sound, not a
Not a melody, not a symphony.
That's light.
The flute player says.
One of him?
Billions of us.
How can he hear every single one of us?
And reply to everyone at the same time?

I am the flue player.
I am the director of the symphony.
I am the creator of your ear.
He says.
And what? We all say...

And what? We ask again.

Look he says!

Look? What is that word, what it means?

Look! I order you to look,

Frustrated, angry!
But before he finishes his sentence...

Blinding light, than thousands and thousands of light fountains.
How can I hear this? Wait, it has no sound.
Than how can I hear it?

You don't hear that. You see it.

What? You see it I said, that's what I meant by look!
And please don't repeat same question anymore.

You are too young to have Alzheimer.

Alzheimer, what is that I ask?
_Never mind, you would understand when the time comes.

I see read light, yellow sparkles, green ones, blue ones, all colors.
What is this? The marbles I can see with?
Those are your eyes, they are stereo to begin with.
Never forget what you see today.
This beautiful symphony is called creation.

In the future, you will have to learn a lot more.

There will be angels in these worlds,
Mountains, rivers, lakes,
Oceans, trees,
Skies and stars, dancing planets
Which will complete the symphony.
Just sit and watch the 3D movie.
Timeless drama of romance and love.
Love of the creator.
If you were good and patient enough
You can watch in more dimensions
Maybe five, maybe ten even

None of them make sense to me, but I am confident it will.

One more question, I ask.
Why do I feel so complete?

You are not!, I am! He says.
And you have my soul.

Interesting, weird.
But I think I like it. I reply.
I guess I have to know what soul is.
I am not going to bother you by asking again.
I know you meant for us that we discover it ourselves.

See you getting smart he says.

You know what? Why have I created you before angels and mountains?
Oceans and volcanoes,
Tornadoes and Asteroids?
Because my soul is ancient,
And when I decided to share it with you and create love.
I shared this love with you.

You should be proud,
You are a human,

The rest is up to you.
You can use my power as I gave it to you.
Just remember you are special.
Use it wisely.

And the symphony expanded exponentially.
Don't look for miracles and magic.
Listen! .... Look! Feel the warmth.

But always listen first, that's how I started, that's how you started!

Poem from :
Ahmad Kabuli

All rights reserved: © 2008

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