Monday, December 14, 2009


A sect, a religion, a cult,
All is so confusing.
Everyone says he is on the right path.
A Jewish is happy,
Heaven is his.
So is a Christian, a Muslim.
A Buddhist, a Zoroastrian, a Hindu.
All, they think, in their imagination.
One day I am going to say:
See, I told you.
You didn’t follow the right path.
And now you are going to burn in hell.
And the heaven, with all the clear running water,
Shades and fruit of beautiful trees
Creeks of Milk and honey
All is mine, mine alone.
Then there are sects in every religion,
Each one of them thinks the same.
He or she is true Muslim, true Jewish, and true Christian.
All the rest are still going to hell.
Is this all so confusing?
Not really,
The answer is not atheism.
We don’t know God for what he really is.
We all try to give him face, image.
Fatherhood, eyes, ears, and hands.
Forgetting that he is not one of us.
Nothing like anything he created in the Universe.
We are all wrong, the only right is he.
Maybe in that day,
The day that most call the Day of Judgment.
One would come who laughs at all.
A Sufi or a mystic.
Twirling and dancing.
I was right, I was right.
God is so great.
I never tried to describe him.
I didn’t give him eye and nose.
He doesn’t belong to a sect or a religion.
He doesn’t have a nation or a favorite.
He is no ones and everyone’s.
Only your actions will save you.
Not your mumbo jumbo.
The unknowable is still unknowable.
The nameless still remains nameless.
The ultimate non-existent,
Is too great for us to know,
Or to understand.
By Kabuli

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Blasphemy again!

If I wasn't here
Who was going to make you laugh?
With all the heavy burden
Of keeping the universe
And beyond in order.
You need time off
To forget everything.
I say those words,
You know I don't believe in them.
You don't need a comedian.
And you don't need a rest.
Or get tired.
I am nothing.
Compared to what you have,
I am smaller than a dust particle
Dancing in a faint light
Shining from a window
Of a poor man.
Yet you still listen to it
And you don't get angry.
I think about all the contracts
That I read about in the bible
Or the versions that is left of it.
Contract that you and Moses,
You and the sons of Israel made together.
And every time they do something
That wasn't your wish,
You would punish them
With horrible pain and destructions.
Or every time,
One of their chiefs doesn’t like something.
They accuse others or breaking your contract.
They will invoke your name,
To make themselves more powerful.
Yet, I know that, with all the destruction
All the bad luck that comes with it.
Still not afraid.
Saying, God, do you remember our contract?
The one I and you had.
Knowing we never did,
You never promised me anything.
I ask you to honor it anyways.
Yet you still say, contract?
Did we have one?
Sure, I will honor it.
And give you what you want.
I am proud of myself.
Even though I know, pride is always yours.
I say that because I know
You would not wrestle with something.
That is nothing.
And you never break a heart.
Because that’s where you reside.
I can do those things.
Because I know.
I have a different kind of God.
The only one that is God
Not the ones we made as God.
The one who is too great
To take revenge,
From a tiny particle of dust.
Shining from the poor man’s window

© 2009 by kabuli

Friday, November 13, 2009

A friend.

This is dedicated to you Taryn, Thanks for being there.

God is with you,
Here and there.
Inside and out.
When you need him
And when you think you don’t.
He is not going to let go,
Even when you don’t think about him.
He gives you someone that you do think about.
A friend, that you can always count on.
In your moments of ignorance,
God still wants to be with you.
Through your friend.
So when you forget to say, hey God help me.
He knows you are still going to say,
Hey friend help me.
He is watching over both of you.
Making sure, you get the help you asked for.
It doesn’t matter you didn’t ask him.
Your friend is a reflection of God.
Someone who he puts there.
For a purpose, that is your need,
Not his.
To be happy with you and sad.
Who listens and agree.
Or pretends to agree.
I cherish you my friend.
By that I worship God.
The one who gave you to me.
And I cannot thank him enough
For that.
©kabuli 2009 All rights reserved.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Shades of grey

This is not a separate post or subject.
I will try to explain the poem I just posted before this: The Kaleidoscope.
Let’s start from some wise peoples quotes:
A bird flies in the sky; a hunter sees its moving shadow on plains. He is shooting arrows at the shadow. At the end of the day he had exhausted his load of ammunition, tired, getting nothing in return. (Rumi)... We are that hunter, nobody seen the bird.
We are that fetus in our mother’s wombs, unaware of how big the world invisible to us is (Rumi)
The most knowledgeable person is the one who finally discovered that he knows nothing. (Socrates)
We are the people inside a cave. We see shadows of the people from outside on the walls of our caves and we don’t know who or what they are and what is that world? Much bigger than ours. (Plato)
Now let me ask you some questions which will serve as explanation:
What colors exist beyond ultraviolet and Infra-red? Isn't our narrow visible spectrum less than one percent of the whole spectrum?
Do dogs and dolphins, turtles and frogs, eagles and sharks see the same colors? What color do they see the world in? Which world is real, which colors are authentic? Do cats or flying squirrel see beyond infrared or ultraviolet? Etc.
Now nothing is black and white and everything is different shade of grey. Is right what you believe is right and wrong what you believe is wrong? Doesn’t that change depending by age, years, century or what society you live in and what is your prospective? So the most important and final question: Does ultimate right exist?
Ok, I gave you enough to think about. Good luck 
©Kabuli, 2009 all right reserved


Looking through all those colors
Giving me a headache
I understand nothing
What is real, what is not?
Thinking about the origin
Thinking about the nature
Of everything I see, everything I feel.
Nothing makes sense.
I close my eyes.
I try to see what is not there
To see what have no color
I hear a soundless voice.
Take off the kaleidoscope
They are attached to your eyes.
It is there to create the illusion
To make colors.
Want the truth?
Everything is grey.
Even black and white doesn’t exist.
What you call black is the darkest grey you can see.
What you call white is the lightest grey you can sense.
Everything else is a shade of grey.
There are no colors.

©Kabuli 2009 All Rights Reserved.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Restless Silence!

When the night spread its cover,
When the world takes a break,
The chaos turns to calm.
Everybody is sleeping.
I lie down and close my eyes.
My rest is restlessness.
In my sleep, I am awake.
I worship you in silence.
I show my love by saying nothing.
I have a conversation with you.
No words are coming out of my mouth.
Your language doesn’t require words.
Hands and tongue are so helpless.
You cannot say, you cannot write.
My heart tries to spell
The word of love.

©2009 Kabuli , All rights reserved.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

God is talking :

There is no sound wave but you hear
There is no light but you see
You smell and you taste
Without tasting, without smelling
You wake up, you remember everything.
That’s God showing you, talking to you
Makes you feel, makes you understand.
It is not just Moses.
God does talk to you, to me.
To nice people, to tyrants.
Even it is with such clarity.
We tend to ignore,
We tend to dismiss
How unfortunate.
©2009 Kabuli. All rights reserved

Monday, July 20, 2009

The infinity

I came from nowhere,
I am heading to nowhere,
Every second of my enlightened life.
I am so excited.
To get back there.
To non-existence.
Where seconds and hours.
Days and nights.
Stop counting and passing.
And I meet the unnamed one.
The one who sent me here.
Maybe than he tells me.

What was the reason?
©Kabuli 2009. All rights reserved.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

For the sins of our fathers!

Dedicated to Neda Soltani!

A conversation with God.

I lost my temper again.
Why God, why?
How could it be?
Why should you always take side with wolf?
Putting tangles around the legs
Of Innocent Doe.
The ones who steal, the ones who tear apart.
Always get rewarded.
Would you ever listen to the innocent who suffers?
Those beautiful kids shedding blood in the street.
The Tyrant, the devil,
With long white beard!
Stands in your house.
Before he conducts the prayers of a million.
To you God, in your holly day,
He says, send me your daughters,
Your sons.
Send me more fawns.
Let them sing,
Watch me how I paint the street with their blood.
No bird will ever fly free again,
No one will survive.
Than he puts his head on the ground and laughs.
Asking you, can you do anything?
I am so sad I go to sleep.
Sadness always been a tranquilizer to me.

I hear a voice:
Have I ever told you to do anything?
Have I ever told him?
Have you or him, ever seen my face?
Of course not, nobody ever can.
And never has
So what you blame me for?
I gave up the day I created you.
I made you my deputy on earth.
I gave you free will,
I left your world to you.
That's your corner of the universe.
Thinking about Neda?
Need a hint?
You human always suffer for the sins of your fathers.
With all the wisdom and knowledge I gave you.
Why the simple fact puzzles you?
How many time you disappoint me again?
There has been 30 years,
The fathers of today's kids and their fathers.
Chanting and screaming,
In the same streets.
Put this Tyrant and the likes of him in power.
Gave them crowns
And gave them their hearts
Wolves and hyenas on the throne.
Now those beautiful kids suffering.
Bleeding in the same streets.
For the sins of their fathers.
But even today.
I have nothing to do with it.
You are making yourself victims
And your kids suffer.
Than blame everything on me.
Calling me the one who punishes, the avengers.
For the last time
I am neither.
I don't enjoy the pain and the suffering of others.
That is your entertainment.
All rights reserved

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Ultimate Nonexistent!

I was sitting with a headache
Overwhelmed with what I knew and
What I should comprehend
Nothing made sense,
Prejudices, abused concepts
Man-made religions or even worse
Religions distorted by human
For power, for money, for sex and for pride
I knew all was wrong but,
Didn’t know what was the answer?
It seemed like there was no right or wrong.
Only bad answer and worst ones
Laughable answers and the ones that make you cry.
I had enough of the confusion.
Suddenly I saw the blender on the counter.
I took my brain out, put it in there.
Set the blender to the highest speed.
Put the mixture back in my skull.
I had enormous energy.
I started running at the speed of light;
I was running from everything, from God.
I stopped in Mars, I froze to death.
Than an asteroid hit me, I was circling the sun,
Free of all thoughts, but there was no peace.
I got burned from all the flesh and bone.
But I could see my blended brain.
Then I knew, it never belonged to me anyway
In non-existence, I saw the hand of nonexistent.
He was still messing with my brain.
Then I knew the world of existence
Is not capable of understanding
The Ultimate nonexistent one!
Giving God an image
Changes it to a pot of gold,
Or a flowering tree.
Giving it a tongue and eyes
Changes it to an entity in evolution circle.
Something that Darwin must have studied.
I woke up from my dream,
What a long dream,
A lifetime of pain, of headache.
Now I have a God.
One of my own, that I don’t own,
But I belong to,
The one who owns everything in existence.
And even the much bigger world.
If you can call it a world
The world of nonexistence.


All rights reserved.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


I had a dream,
We wanted to dance
I was being pulled toward you
Wanted to put my arms around you
But we didn't have arms
Our bodies were twisted to each other's
Twisting and dancing
Faster and faster
A pair of heartbeats♥♥
Had a rhythm
Than only one heart beating♥
It was your heart, was our heart.♥


Monday, February 23, 2009


In the middle of the night,
When sun is resting in deep sleep.
A black veil spreads all over the west.
A thick curtain hides everything.

Here and there
A scream, a yell, a laugh from a bar.
Signifies a fight, a tasteless joke,
Making someone feels good about himself.
At the expense of others.
Someone shooting a gun
Another replies.

A women screams for help somewhere.
For the temper of her husband, her boyfriend.
Who thinks his car has more value
Than his companion, his wife.
Unaware of that he is the one with no value.
For he is under the illusion,
That someone else is less than him.

Children can't go to sleep,
For a monster is hiding in the closet.
Or parents are outside, having fun
And expect the nature to bring the best.
Out of the neglected kids.

I am laying in my bed
Thinking about all that and more.
The dark veil, does its magic.
No light is coming,
That's how I want it.
Double curtain on my window.
I get baptized every night.
By the darkness of the night.
All hate gets washed out.
All the judgments take a break.

Darkness is a bless
A magic formula,
A cure to every pain.
I close my eyes,
I transfer vision to my heart.
Worship the universe,
See if I can reach the one that puts it together.

I fly away,
I leave the earth with its inhabitant.
Now the darkness in the west is gone.
I passed even the galaxies
A new kind of light shines.
That doesn't hurt the eyes.
That doesn't trigger my migraine.
A light out of this world.
Bigger than life
Better than creation itself.
A source of all that exist.
And that bigger universe.

That doesn't, the non-existence.