Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Ultimate Nonexistent!

I was sitting with a headache
Overwhelmed with what I knew and
What I should comprehend
Nothing made sense,
Prejudices, abused concepts
Man-made religions or even worse
Religions distorted by human
For power, for money, for sex and for pride
I knew all was wrong but,
Didn’t know what was the answer?
It seemed like there was no right or wrong.
Only bad answer and worst ones
Laughable answers and the ones that make you cry.
I had enough of the confusion.
Suddenly I saw the blender on the counter.
I took my brain out, put it in there.
Set the blender to the highest speed.
Put the mixture back in my skull.
I had enormous energy.
I started running at the speed of light;
I was running from everything, from God.
I stopped in Mars, I froze to death.
Than an asteroid hit me, I was circling the sun,
Free of all thoughts, but there was no peace.
I got burned from all the flesh and bone.
But I could see my blended brain.
Then I knew, it never belonged to me anyway
In non-existence, I saw the hand of nonexistent.
He was still messing with my brain.
Then I knew the world of existence
Is not capable of understanding
The Ultimate nonexistent one!
Giving God an image
Changes it to a pot of gold,
Or a flowering tree.
Giving it a tongue and eyes
Changes it to an entity in evolution circle.
Something that Darwin must have studied.
I woke up from my dream,
What a long dream,
A lifetime of pain, of headache.
Now I have a God.
One of my own, that I don’t own,
But I belong to,
The one who owns everything in existence.
And even the much bigger world.
If you can call it a world
The world of nonexistence.


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