Friday, November 13, 2009

A friend.

This is dedicated to you Taryn, Thanks for being there.

God is with you,
Here and there.
Inside and out.
When you need him
And when you think you don’t.
He is not going to let go,
Even when you don’t think about him.
He gives you someone that you do think about.
A friend, that you can always count on.
In your moments of ignorance,
God still wants to be with you.
Through your friend.
So when you forget to say, hey God help me.
He knows you are still going to say,
Hey friend help me.
He is watching over both of you.
Making sure, you get the help you asked for.
It doesn’t matter you didn’t ask him.
Your friend is a reflection of God.
Someone who he puts there.
For a purpose, that is your need,
Not his.
To be happy with you and sad.
Who listens and agree.
Or pretends to agree.
I cherish you my friend.
By that I worship God.
The one who gave you to me.
And I cannot thank him enough
For that.
©kabuli 2009 All rights reserved.