Monday, December 14, 2009


A sect, a religion, a cult,
All is so confusing.
Everyone says he is on the right path.
A Jewish is happy,
Heaven is his.
So is a Christian, a Muslim.
A Buddhist, a Zoroastrian, a Hindu.
All, they think, in their imagination.
One day I am going to say:
See, I told you.
You didn’t follow the right path.
And now you are going to burn in hell.
And the heaven, with all the clear running water,
Shades and fruit of beautiful trees
Creeks of Milk and honey
All is mine, mine alone.
Then there are sects in every religion,
Each one of them thinks the same.
He or she is true Muslim, true Jewish, and true Christian.
All the rest are still going to hell.
Is this all so confusing?
Not really,
The answer is not atheism.
We don’t know God for what he really is.
We all try to give him face, image.
Fatherhood, eyes, ears, and hands.
Forgetting that he is not one of us.
Nothing like anything he created in the Universe.
We are all wrong, the only right is he.
Maybe in that day,
The day that most call the Day of Judgment.
One would come who laughs at all.
A Sufi or a mystic.
Twirling and dancing.
I was right, I was right.
God is so great.
I never tried to describe him.
I didn’t give him eye and nose.
He doesn’t belong to a sect or a religion.
He doesn’t have a nation or a favorite.
He is no ones and everyone’s.
Only your actions will save you.
Not your mumbo jumbo.
The unknowable is still unknowable.
The nameless still remains nameless.
The ultimate non-existent,
Is too great for us to know,
Or to understand.
By Kabuli

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