Thursday, December 2, 2010

Dark Magic...

I sit on my bed.
I turn all the lights off,
The curtains shut.
And I see the world,
Beyond the world.
Beyond what you see with light.
Light is a pollution,
Just like noise,
Like the ideas of know-it-alls.
You create something flashy,
A nice video game,
A pretty dance on a stage,
A piece of art,
You call it beauty.
Then you enjoy it yourself..
How sorry I feel,
For the ones who think,
God’s mind work the same way.
He created light to see well?
To enjoy the beauty?
How wrong we are.
We have a sickness,
With no cure in horizon.
By Kabuli. December 2010.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Death of Sun!

Where did I come from?

In a faraway horizon,
Further than our milky way
Another galaxy has a sun
Which has reached its  maturity.
Done with all its duty and more.
Wants to leave a legacy.
Doesn't want to go without a bang
Which will change the future of the Universe.
The sun is dying but what a death.
It goes to non-existence, to infinity
The real heaven not the one in scriptures.
It puts mythology to shame, leaves religion to dust.
On its way out, stardust are born.
I am that tiny stardust.
Almost invisible but smart, conscious.
I found my way to a place called Earth.
I made my own destiny.
I am that stardust.
My age goes beyond calendars
Beyond age. Billions of years.
My birthday is not written in some sacred book.
I am a stardust that evolved billion times
And became human.
Master of my planet, master of history.
Someday I will change garments again.
I will die as a human
But die with a bang.
I would laugh at the moment of death.
Saying to my kids:
Once a changed a tiny planet called earth.
Now I am worthy of promotion
I have bigger duty.
So long…
I am going to change the universe
Then I disappear into non-existence
Get one with Infinity
With my creator.

By Kabuli
November 5, 2010 All rights reserved.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Prison Break !

Prison Break !

I live in an illusion; I don’t know a single fact about reality. Those who think they live in a real world; they are the ones who think the rock they hold in their hand is a solid object.

This world is a big prison
Not much here for me
I am an alien and I don’t belong
I wish I knew who sent me here.
I wish he would tell me
The purpose of my existence.
They say the exit is in plain sight.
But always disguised.
I keep circling around
The same boring road
The same circular path
In hope of finding that exit.
I am thinking.
What I see is not real.
What is real I cannot see.
Show me the path.
If I am bored
You must be tired of playing with me.
There is no fun playing,
If your partner is bored.
If I belong to you.
Why don’t you claim,
What is rightfully yours?
I want to come home
Come out of this illusion.
And worry not about.
What is outside.

( Explanation removed, wasn't necessarey) Thanks Jess)

All rights reserved

Friday, September 17, 2010

I am always wrong!!!

Everybody is telling me,
I am wrong.
How right they are.
That means they know me so well.
I never claim to be right.
I am still searching.
To find the wrongest path,
So I can head that way.
Right and wrong is a circle.
Those who claim to be right,
Are more lost in the darkest darkness.
I start from the left side.
I hope I progress there so much.
That at the end I see you my lord.
Because you are the only right one.

By Kabuli September 2010
© . All rights reserved.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

..............................A lie!!!!!!........................


گفتی‌ دروغ بگو و راحت باش
گفتم چشم اما دروغ من همه راستیست
آنچه همه راستی‌ گویند فریب است و قصه کودکان
آنچه من گویم همه دروغست درین جهان
زیرا با حواس پنجگانه نمیشود آنرا دریافت
آنچه دیگران را پیدا باشد ز من همیشه پنهان است
گفتی‌ سرم را بدرد آوردی ندانم چگویی.
گفتم عجب نیست  زیرا زبانی که من حرف زنم
تا کنون الفبایش نیافریدند.
گفتی نمیشود به زبانم حرف زنی
گفتم چرا گوشهایت را ببند
فقط آنزمان سرم برایت هویدا گردد
گفتی ز کفر و الحاد توبه کن
گفتم نعوذ بالله کفر من ایمان است
هرانچه ایمان گویند کفر مطلق است
هرانچه امام و ملا گوید
شرط انصاف نیست که گویم خدا گوید
گفتی از کژ رهی بگذر ره راست پیشه کن
گفتم من پا ندارم که راست روم یا کژ
روح من کره ایست آتشین از نسل آفتاب
به هر نکته اتکاه کند مرکز است
بهر جهت سیر نماید راه راست است
گفتی حوصله‌ام بسر آمد دگر نخواهم شنیدن
گفتم سبحان الله آنچه در انجام گفتی‌
آغاز رهاییست
کابلی ۲۰۱۰ حق چاپ محفوظ است.

By Kabuli 2010 © All Rights Reserved

Friday, August 13, 2010

Paint Store!!!

همه جا دکان رنگ است همه رنگ می فروشد

This beautiful masterpiece was written by the great Afghan poet, Razeq Faani, who passed away in 2010.
May his soul be always free because he never sold it when he was alive!

Everywhere is a paint store, everyone is selling colors.

I feel sorry for the glass, everyone is selling stones.

With her mischievous look, how beautifully

She steals my simple heart, than

She sells it back with cuteness and beauty.

From this fire you put on my heart every night.

Make it stronger my sigh, burn the world with it.

Who is sitting on the store of luck merchants?

He is stealing flowers of laugh, selling sorrow of war in return.

Nobody is feeling sorrow to no one, limits are so pushed.

Every deer is selling her fawn to tigers.

No one has seen a pearl in our deep waters for a while now.

Because whatever is inside a shell, has been sold to the whale.

From this hot oven of Fani, don’t expect calm poems.

Don’t ask for a bouquet of flowers, in a shop that sells gun.

Sorry This was my best attempt, I hope his soul will forgive me.

Translated by Kabuli. 2010, All rights reserved.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

A prayer!!!

To a very good friend.

You say pray for me
You know you shouldn’t ask
You know I always do.
Even when I am not praying
I still pray.
What you don’t know.
Is my little secret.
I pray to you.
Not for you.
What you want me to pray for.
It is not there,
Or if it is, it is not going to last.
Body is a frame.
That takes the soul as prisoner
Which is trapped inside it.
Is The Universal love.
It is you.

And that is what I pray to.

© by Kabuli, 2010, All rights reserved

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Nowhere !!


In a hot summer night.
Outside is dark but the stars are bright.
I lay on my back, the grass is moist.
I look up there to find what I lost.
When I lose, that’s when I find
I seek with all the power, the tricks of every kind.
Love fills up my heart, sweet sorrow consumes me
I look at shining stars.
Like Ibrahim, try to find the brightest one.
My heart is pounding. My sight is fading.
I look even beyond. I find you nowhere.
Than it click. Nowhere?
Maybe that’s where I should be looking.
So long my friends.
I have to leave.
I am going to nowhere.
Because that’s where I belong.
© by Kabuli 2010 All rights reserved

Blank Mind !!

Blank Mind….
When I don’t have anything to say,
I don’t see anything even I am staring
I don’t hear when I try to listen…
Ideas disappear, knowledge doesn’t exist.
I have no opinions, no believes.
I don’t know what is right and what makes it wrong.
I don’t even get terrified, no frustration,
Because I don’t know the difference.
They say God always forgive ignorant.
For they don’t know any better.
A magic eraser gone through my brain
Even maybe through my soul.
Just then I see you reside there.
I see you clear, I hear you loud.
But not with my eyes not my ears.
Don’t ask me what?
I have no answer.
You are the one talking.
You are the one writing.
I don’t exist for a moment.
And I see non existence.
I see you, the non-existent one.
I see infinity.
© 2010 by Kabuli, all rights reserved.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lost !!

In the moment of despair
I wonder if I am broken beyond repair.
Loneliness spreads chills to my bones.
Are these thunders or cyclones?
I turn to no one, because I know.
All the results multiply by zero..
I go to sleep, I cannot get rest.
A voice is humming deep in my chest.
I know I recognize its familiar source.
The one I always seek with no remorse.
Loneliness is not that bad after all.
The lonely creator won’t let you fall.
So even I am lost, and my path is foggy.
That’s when I find you and nothing is smoggy.
I lose my path, I lose my faith, I lose my beliefs.
My heart is still calm because you keep sending reliefs
All worries are gone, I am still incredibly calm.
The trust I build on you greets me to your realm.
While you are there and I know that’s longer than infinity.
Kabuli’s soul is in good hands as loneliness is your company.
© 2010
By Kabuli. All rights reserved.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


In the darkness of the night.
Even chirping birds are quiet.
Those rare moments present itself
I leave the body, taking a flight.
A few seconds, enough to circle the sky.
The time restriction is not existent.
Lose your legs, ride to non-existence
Moses never needed it to reach the unnamed one.
Mohammad flew beyond seven skies.
Looking back at my body, I smile.
A few seconds free, I see the stars are forming.
A million light year, in a blink of an eye.
Infinity in a nanosecond.
The whole world in a little box.
On that little nightstand.
Beside the bed I left my body sleeping in peace.
I look from above. I smile.
I look at it and say don’t worry little frame
I will join you again before you know it.
The one who put me in you,
Giving me a little tour, a little party.


Kabuli, 2010 , All rights reserved.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Plays Of Time !

Was it yesterday or was it tomorrow
I was delighted, your thoughts I could borrow
Sitting beside me, your hand in mine.
You were laughing, the sun would shine.
You ask what day is it? I say it’s yesterday.
You laugh again, you say I am crazaay.
I say you mean crazy, you say no crazy is sane.
Compared to you, the whole world is plain.
I say I lost the count, I don’t know the time.
What is the future, what is in past, All change in a dime.
Yesterday becomes tomorrow, tomorrow is past.
Whatever was going to be there. It is lost in dust.
The time, the space are bending, we are so rigid.
We destroyed yesterday, tomorrow is wretched.
By kabuli

Friday, May 14, 2010


Most of the time I have questions,
The most difficult ones,
The most complicated ones.
I cannot find the answer,
In any history book,
Or in philosophy,
Or writings of wise men,
Or even in religion, or common sense.
Then I wish you were here.
Because I knew, you would know,
The best answer, the most perfect one.
May God of perfection and beauty,
Rewards your soul,
For all that was good in you.
And forgive all your short comings.
Miss you dad.
I want to scream,
And tell everybody.
If you still are lucky enough,
And you still have him.
Bring all your questions.
And ask him for answer.
You will never find a better one.
Because by the time,
You know what your questions are.
It could be too late.

By Kabuli

Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Death of Sun

مرگ آفتاب

عکسی‌ از ناسا دیدم که شما اینجا میبیند. نیبولای چشم پشک مرگ آفتابی را نشان می‌دهد با چه زیبایی و مرا وادار به سرودن این شعر ساخت. مسئله هستی‌ و نیستی‌ (وجود و عدم) یکی از مسائل خیلی‌ بغرنج فلسفی‌ هست که روی دست دارم تا به استایل قرن ۲۱ و با در نظر داشت علم امروز بیان دارم. اگر این برایتان جالب است بنویسید، تمام شد برایتان می‌‌فرستم. تا آنزمان می‌‌توانید آنچه نوشتم در باره جبر و اختیار، نظم و بی‌ نظمی کاینات، خوب و بد را بخوانید و معذرت این حقیر را بپذیرید
ببین جشن مردن آفتاب چه زیباست
آنچه به نیستی‌ پیوندد خوشی‌‌اش بی‌ منتهاست
ز نیستی‌ جاودانگی آید پدیدار
هرانچه نیست هستی‌ را همی سازد عیار
ز نیستی‌ آنچه هستیست آفریده شد.
آنچه زیبائیست به هستی‌ زنده شد.
هستی و نیستی‌ دو روی یک گوهرند.
قشنگی‌ و ابدیت مکمل یک دیگرند
ببستند پای مندر بین این دو
ندانم کجاست آغاز اوکجاست انجام من .

By Kabuli 2010 All rights reserved.

Saturday, May 8, 2010


To my mom, to every mom in this planet:

The one who creates beauty
Brought this Universe in order
And those other ones,
The ones we are unaware of.
Life existed before all existence.
Our souls get energy from you
And you are uncreated.
Then you gave the greatest duty of all.
Continuation of life
To the greatest creature of all
To mom,
You trust them with what belongs to you,
With what started as your job.
Can we even worship you?
If we don’t understand,
That trust,
That you put on my mom
And every mom in this Universe
That we breathe, grow and prospered in.
Because of you, because of her?

By Kabuli

Friday, April 9, 2010

Accent !

To a good Friend Sara

The sun goes down.
Spring already started.
Earth starts a new life.
Every spring I renew my vowels.
"Life after death is real!"
I see it every spring.
You don't have to live long.
Just one year, and you would believe it.

Darkness spreads all over.
That black light, that darkness.
That is my best companion.
I see better, further in darkness.

Under a cherry tree,
Blossoming and spreading its perfume.
I can see it; I can smell it and I can talk to it.
I look up, see the stars.
Millions of them are chatting with each other.
All happy, sometime they wink to each other.
I lie down with my friend,
Our backs to Fresh grass;
We are facing up to heavens.
We are trying to see beyond
What others call heaven?
What no one has seen.
But they still tell you stories
About what it looks like?
What is there?
Down to the last detail.
We talk about that.
And we laugh about ignorance.
Ignorance of the people who don't admit.

She asks what you think Heaven is.
I close my eyes.
I take a second.
Deep in thought,
Deep in love of non-existence.
I don't open my eyes; I don't turn my face to her.
I say heaven is a reunion.
It is being with the ones you love,
With your friends.
The ones you care about.
That is the only heaven I know.
She smirks, she says really?
Then what is Hell?
I say hell it loneliness.
Hell is not being with them
Not reuniting with the ones you love
And the ultimate love,
The one who swallows all other loves
And makes it so great.

She says: You have a point,
But you know what? You are crazy!!!
We both laugh.
I say Thank you, I hope I am.
Craziness is something I been seeking.
Something my whole life I was after.

She laughs again and says one more question.
Why you talk so funny tonight?
I know this is not how you usually talk.
You don't have this accent.
I say: I thought you knew that.
It is because I am with you.
When you are here, I am not.
I am you, so your accent is mine.

A wishing star passes by.
She laughs louder now.
She says congratulations.
You achieved what you were seeking.

Now I know you are crazy.

© by Kabuli 2010

Monday, February 22, 2010

Dream !

Am I awake or am I dreaming?
I don't know anymore.
Which one is real?
And which one is fake one.

I don't know.
Maybe both are real,
Two sides of one soul.
A burning soul,
A restless soul.
Either that or both are fake.
No, no they are real,
I think I know it.
I am a man made of opposites.
Isn’t everything consisting of both?
One would die without the other.
I see you in my dream,
Or that other dream
That I call being awake,
And Being conscious.

I am with you.
You had a long day
Tired but sweet as always.
You go to bed,
But don’t want to sleep.
Something stole rest from your eyes
You are thinking and thinking.
Still as beautiful, as sweet as ever.
Whenever I look at you,
My heart beats faster and faster.
I think it would stop any second.
But you give it life
You give it energy.
I insist you have to sleep,
You have to rest.
I am worried about you.
You finally give up and say ok.
I put the blanket on you.
And I don’t dare kissing you.
I am afraid that will make you exited
And you will be wide awake again.
No, no I cannot risk that.
I want you to rest.
I arrange the blanket,
I cover you,
Taking two steps back.
I look at your smile.
You finally close your eyes.
Pretend to be sleeping.
My heart is beating,
Looking at you,
With a heart full of love,
Full of thinking about you
, And your love.
I have nothing for myself,
In that heart.
Whatever is there?
It belongs to you.
To you my love
I breathe slower,
Even want to stop my heart beating,
So it won’t wake you up.
I don’t succeed,

And leave the room.

By Kabuli 2010, All rights reserved.