Monday, February 22, 2010

Dream !

Am I awake or am I dreaming?
I don't know anymore.
Which one is real?
And which one is fake one.

I don't know.
Maybe both are real,
Two sides of one soul.
A burning soul,
A restless soul.
Either that or both are fake.
No, no they are real,
I think I know it.
I am a man made of opposites.
Isn’t everything consisting of both?
One would die without the other.
I see you in my dream,
Or that other dream
That I call being awake,
And Being conscious.

I am with you.
You had a long day
Tired but sweet as always.
You go to bed,
But don’t want to sleep.
Something stole rest from your eyes
You are thinking and thinking.
Still as beautiful, as sweet as ever.
Whenever I look at you,
My heart beats faster and faster.
I think it would stop any second.
But you give it life
You give it energy.
I insist you have to sleep,
You have to rest.
I am worried about you.
You finally give up and say ok.
I put the blanket on you.
And I don’t dare kissing you.
I am afraid that will make you exited
And you will be wide awake again.
No, no I cannot risk that.
I want you to rest.
I arrange the blanket,
I cover you,
Taking two steps back.
I look at your smile.
You finally close your eyes.
Pretend to be sleeping.
My heart is beating,
Looking at you,
With a heart full of love,
Full of thinking about you
, And your love.
I have nothing for myself,
In that heart.
Whatever is there?
It belongs to you.
To you my love
I breathe slower,
Even want to stop my heart beating,
So it won’t wake you up.
I don’t succeed,

And leave the room.

By Kabuli 2010, All rights reserved.