Friday, April 9, 2010

Accent !

To a good Friend Sara

The sun goes down.
Spring already started.
Earth starts a new life.
Every spring I renew my vowels.
"Life after death is real!"
I see it every spring.
You don't have to live long.
Just one year, and you would believe it.

Darkness spreads all over.
That black light, that darkness.
That is my best companion.
I see better, further in darkness.

Under a cherry tree,
Blossoming and spreading its perfume.
I can see it; I can smell it and I can talk to it.
I look up, see the stars.
Millions of them are chatting with each other.
All happy, sometime they wink to each other.
I lie down with my friend,
Our backs to Fresh grass;
We are facing up to heavens.
We are trying to see beyond
What others call heaven?
What no one has seen.
But they still tell you stories
About what it looks like?
What is there?
Down to the last detail.
We talk about that.
And we laugh about ignorance.
Ignorance of the people who don't admit.

She asks what you think Heaven is.
I close my eyes.
I take a second.
Deep in thought,
Deep in love of non-existence.
I don't open my eyes; I don't turn my face to her.
I say heaven is a reunion.
It is being with the ones you love,
With your friends.
The ones you care about.
That is the only heaven I know.
She smirks, she says really?
Then what is Hell?
I say hell it loneliness.
Hell is not being with them
Not reuniting with the ones you love
And the ultimate love,
The one who swallows all other loves
And makes it so great.

She says: You have a point,
But you know what? You are crazy!!!
We both laugh.
I say Thank you, I hope I am.
Craziness is something I been seeking.
Something my whole life I was after.

She laughs again and says one more question.
Why you talk so funny tonight?
I know this is not how you usually talk.
You don't have this accent.
I say: I thought you knew that.
It is because I am with you.
When you are here, I am not.
I am you, so your accent is mine.

A wishing star passes by.
She laughs louder now.
She says congratulations.
You achieved what you were seeking.

Now I know you are crazy.

© by Kabuli 2010