Friday, May 14, 2010


Most of the time I have questions,
The most difficult ones,
The most complicated ones.
I cannot find the answer,
In any history book,
Or in philosophy,
Or writings of wise men,
Or even in religion, or common sense.
Then I wish you were here.
Because I knew, you would know,
The best answer, the most perfect one.
May God of perfection and beauty,
Rewards your soul,
For all that was good in you.
And forgive all your short comings.
Miss you dad.
I want to scream,
And tell everybody.
If you still are lucky enough,
And you still have him.
Bring all your questions.
And ask him for answer.
You will never find a better one.
Because by the time,
You know what your questions are.
It could be too late.

By Kabuli

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