Wednesday, June 30, 2010


In the darkness of the night.
Even chirping birds are quiet.
Those rare moments present itself
I leave the body, taking a flight.
A few seconds, enough to circle the sky.
The time restriction is not existent.
Lose your legs, ride to non-existence
Moses never needed it to reach the unnamed one.
Mohammad flew beyond seven skies.
Looking back at my body, I smile.
A few seconds free, I see the stars are forming.
A million light year, in a blink of an eye.
Infinity in a nanosecond.
The whole world in a little box.
On that little nightstand.
Beside the bed I left my body sleeping in peace.
I look from above. I smile.
I look at it and say don’t worry little frame
I will join you again before you know it.
The one who put me in you,
Giving me a little tour, a little party.


Kabuli, 2010 , All rights reserved.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Plays Of Time !

Was it yesterday or was it tomorrow
I was delighted, your thoughts I could borrow
Sitting beside me, your hand in mine.
You were laughing, the sun would shine.
You ask what day is it? I say it’s yesterday.
You laugh again, you say I am crazaay.
I say you mean crazy, you say no crazy is sane.
Compared to you, the whole world is plain.
I say I lost the count, I don’t know the time.
What is the future, what is in past, All change in a dime.
Yesterday becomes tomorrow, tomorrow is past.
Whatever was going to be there. It is lost in dust.
The time, the space are bending, we are so rigid.
We destroyed yesterday, tomorrow is wretched.
By kabuli