Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lost !!

In the moment of despair
I wonder if I am broken beyond repair.
Loneliness spreads chills to my bones.
Are these thunders or cyclones?
I turn to no one, because I know.
All the results multiply by zero..
I go to sleep, I cannot get rest.
A voice is humming deep in my chest.
I know I recognize its familiar source.
The one I always seek with no remorse.
Loneliness is not that bad after all.
The lonely creator won’t let you fall.
So even I am lost, and my path is foggy.
That’s when I find you and nothing is smoggy.
I lose my path, I lose my faith, I lose my beliefs.
My heart is still calm because you keep sending reliefs
All worries are gone, I am still incredibly calm.
The trust I build on you greets me to your realm.
While you are there and I know that’s longer than infinity.
Kabuli’s soul is in good hands as loneliness is your company.
© 2010
By Kabuli. All rights reserved.