Thursday, August 5, 2010

Blank Mind !!

Blank Mind….
When I don’t have anything to say,
I don’t see anything even I am staring
I don’t hear when I try to listen…
Ideas disappear, knowledge doesn’t exist.
I have no opinions, no believes.
I don’t know what is right and what makes it wrong.
I don’t even get terrified, no frustration,
Because I don’t know the difference.
They say God always forgive ignorant.
For they don’t know any better.
A magic eraser gone through my brain
Even maybe through my soul.
Just then I see you reside there.
I see you clear, I hear you loud.
But not with my eyes not my ears.
Don’t ask me what?
I have no answer.
You are the one talking.
You are the one writing.
I don’t exist for a moment.
And I see non existence.
I see you, the non-existent one.
I see infinity.
© 2010 by Kabuli, all rights reserved.

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