Sunday, September 26, 2010

Prison Break !

Prison Break !

I live in an illusion; I don’t know a single fact about reality. Those who think they live in a real world; they are the ones who think the rock they hold in their hand is a solid object.

This world is a big prison
Not much here for me
I am an alien and I don’t belong
I wish I knew who sent me here.
I wish he would tell me
The purpose of my existence.
They say the exit is in plain sight.
But always disguised.
I keep circling around
The same boring road
The same circular path
In hope of finding that exit.
I am thinking.
What I see is not real.
What is real I cannot see.
Show me the path.
If I am bored
You must be tired of playing with me.
There is no fun playing,
If your partner is bored.
If I belong to you.
Why don’t you claim,
What is rightfully yours?
I want to come home
Come out of this illusion.
And worry not about.
What is outside.

( Explanation removed, wasn't necessarey) Thanks Jess)

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Friday, September 17, 2010

I am always wrong!!!

Everybody is telling me,
I am wrong.
How right they are.
That means they know me so well.
I never claim to be right.
I am still searching.
To find the wrongest path,
So I can head that way.
Right and wrong is a circle.
Those who claim to be right,
Are more lost in the darkest darkness.
I start from the left side.
I hope I progress there so much.
That at the end I see you my lord.
Because you are the only right one.

By Kabuli September 2010
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