Saturday, January 22, 2011



I seek you with all my power
I want to come to you,
To feel you, to get a taste of you.
To get a glimpse of your warm blinding light.
I want a scent of you.
I want to disappear in your infinite energy.
I want nothing left from what I am.
I cannot find my way
The path is so confusing.
The roads are hidden
Where are you?
I know you are not outside.
You are within myself.
I can manage long distances so easy.
But I am always having trouble.
With the shortest distance.
The distance which seems impassable.
I get frustrated, I get lost.
I scream,
I run away, with full speed ahead.
Do I?
I look back,
I am where I was.
I am where I was before,
Before I run away.
Exactly there,
I haven’t travelled even a millimeter.
I hear you laughing.
You say be my guest.
Go where you want to go,
Go ahead and try it.
With all the power that I gave you,
Try it again,
It is useless.
Who are you running away from?
You are nothing without me.
You are me and I am you.
I bite my finger,
How skillful my lover is,
A tailor, who just for fun
Every day
Sews a curtain
That separates me from me.
I look down, frustrated and ashamed
I finally realize that.
One can never run away, from himself

By Kabuli,
January 22, 2011
All Rights reserved.

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