Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Book !

A Book

I am reading a book
And a hundred more
None of them speak of my mind
Yet still reading and reading
Always skeptical
The explanation has to be somewhere else
Your mind is above any book
Above any explanation
I read a page
A simple page
And think a book about it
I put a bookmark
In a blank page
To read it again
My imagination flies away
I write my own ending
A book is a tool
It opens a wormhole for me
A window big enough
To put my tiny binoculars in
And to look at what is beyond.
Beyond this fake world
My body is sitting
Yet my mind is not here
It makes me think
I am not from here
From this planet
I am not from this universe
Someday, I leave this circus.
To join the immortal.
The infinite world of non-existence

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