Friday, April 8, 2011

Breeze on your face

You just woke up.
You are still tired.
You are disappointed
Low energy or depressed.
You walk outside
I come to you.
I am that breeze,
I am the wind that you feel on your face.
You may think I am annoying.
Or the last thing you need.
I can care less
I touch you for a second, and I leave.
I don’t want anything in return.
I wake you up.
I make you feel different,
You can call it good or not.
I take your pain, your laziness.
I was born with a Big Bang.
Born from what? I don’t know
Where I came from, where am I going?
I have been so many places.
I was around so many times.
Where and when, the two words I don't use.
I am that breeze on you face
Maybe that is my purpose.
I am your friend.
I make you feel different.
I leave before you even sense me
I do not want you to thank me.
For the effect I caused.
Or even to know that was me.
It is just my nature.
And I am grateful to God for it.
I put those kisses of breeze on your face and hair
And I pray.
Please, never find out that was me.
Knowledge brings reward.
Reward is what I am running from.
I am the flowing wind.
Placeless is my address.
Timeless is my age.

By Kabuli 2011
All Rights reserved.