Friday, August 26, 2011

Horseman in the sky

Looking up to heavens, the one always I seek is you
Through the sky of wonders and beauty, with its color blue
What is a beauty? What makes my heart beat like a warrior's ride?
What is invisible, the non-existence the essence of pride
The small world of creation is pale to compare
To real magic behind the curtain where it is empty and bare

By Kabuli August 26th

By Kabuli August 26th

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Death of a Star

To a dear friend, for the loss of her grandma, her friend:

Billions of years, come to an end
One more time, space and time bend
A far away star bigger than ours
A sun which exhausted all its powers
It knows it’s time for a beautiful death
A blinking, then it exhales the last breath
Explodes in a super nova, what a sight what a thunder
I never seen such a beauty, or have I? I wonder
Right when I thought poor soul was finished
By one sun, the universe diminished
I see fireworks, colors of unseen beauty
The death was given to sun as a duty
Thousands of stars, planets and clouds
All are newborns, gather in happy crowds.
By Kabuli