Thursday, November 10, 2011

Closet Monster !!

In the middle of the night
Under the white moonlight
I left the world of existence.
Everything material in absence
I was flying with wings of imagination
Flying away from every nation
Passed the edge of the Universe
Nonexistence made me immerse
My eyes were closed, my ears plugged
Head was heavy, like I was drugged
I meet my love, I don't need eyes
The only truth, the rest all lies.
I can feel him in my heart, in every cell
Beauty for real, greatness excel

You are not trembling, he would say.
Not afraid? Man made of clay?
Haven't you heard stories of hell and fire?
All I see is a soul, full of desire.

I laugh and say, my mom was pointing to the closet
When I was a child, I would run like a rocket.
For the Monster would jump out if I was bad
Nobody would want to make him mad....

Later I learned by looking at her eye.
While she is alive, nothing can hurt me or make me cry.
No monster could enter under her watch.
With her and dad, my protection was top notch.
You are my creator, the essence of love.
You are closer than both, watching over me from above.
Why should I be afraid? I have you my Lord.
All I have to do is stick to this accord.

By Kabuli, Nov. 2011
© All rights reserved.

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