Saturday, December 10, 2011

Stepping stones to non-existence.

These lines are dedicated to the only Angel in my life Fereshta, my daughter, my love.
Don’t go by my words, my heart is yours, it is you. It doesn't speak, it feels.

Stepping stones to non-existence.

There was that guy named Mansour
Father named me after him
His name means victorious by Divine power
He would say I am the Truth, without hesitation
He got murdered, turned to pieces
While he was still smiling and careless
Repeating the same words
Then he was burned, his ashes spread in Tigris.
The ashes form only two word but with repetition.
I am the truth, I am the truth

Tonight I had the strangest dream
Should I say it or keep it secret.
Mansour revealed the secret, lost his head
He didn’t care, neither do I.
Life and death are two stepping stones
In vast ocean of non-existence.
I was five minutes before work
But I was hungry, feeling for sweets.
I travel south, shop after shop,
Miles after miles, they are selling rice
 And only grain
Ocean before me, thousands moving bridges,
Platforms and railways.
A friend let me get in to one, before it moves.
Her soul-mate asks, aren’t you late
Where is your time card?
Almost an hour passed your time.
I laugh and say I don’t carry one.
You need not to worry about me, not you, not anyone.
Just before, the moving bridge, with railway platform,
Gets under huge wave of ocean, drowned
I make it to other side; turn to north where I started
Dozens of people on the beach, this side of ocean
All happy faces, ready to greet me
Men and women, boys and girls, young and old
I turn my face to worrying person
The one who warns me of being late
“I save your life, and yours and yours”
Those are my words, so sure, making the point.
Everyone nods in agreement, smiles on their faces.
“I have mastery of time, I can change it with well “
“I am never late always five minutes early. I say”
My time obey me, not the other way around.
I am never late but maybe forgotten.
That’s what I want, I want you and you to forget.
If you keep remembering, your whole life,
You will be thanking me for saving your life,
And the lives of others.
I want you to forget, live your own life
That’s what is really yours.
I do what I enjoy, the only thing I am here for.
I wake up, I think.
Who am I? Am I Mansour, or am I his twin?
Does he exist? I have no clue
All I know is that I do.

I come down stairs overwhelmed with the experience
I put my head to the ground
No prayer rugs needed, carpet would do.
I pray:
Oh God, send me to heaven, or to hell.
I don’t care, heaven and hell and everything else
Are stepping stones, are stars that I just put one foot on
The purpose is you and reaching you…

Note: In Arabic I am the truth is two words, not four... Enal Haq and Haq or truth is God. And that is why they killed him

By Kabuli: December 10, 2011
All rights reserved