Friday, May 17, 2013


Do I know myself?
Will, maybe a little.
I may have strong opinions
But I do not judge
I may not believe in what you do
But I will always respect yours.
Between right and wrong
I may always chose wrong
Or what you call wrong
But I made a promise to myself
That I will never hurt anyone

I understand politics
I may read between the lines
But I will always stay away
For, every noble cause
May have an evil plot behind it
And in every evil.
 There is a portion of Good
So I never signup for action
I let others claim nobility
Or fight the evil
I do not claim to save the world
Or to save you
For, there is one creator and one you
There is one creator and one me
For me, everybody who claims to help on that
Is like someone who tries
To sell me that nonexistent timeshare condo

By  Kabuli May 16/2013

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