Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Last Words

Someday I will say goodbye to you
Without actually saying it.
You would not hear me
But you would know
When the time comes.
Someday you would want to ask
Ask me a question
Or a thousand more
And I can give you answers
But only in your dream.
You will be the interpreter

You don't need to go anywhere
No one can interpret your dream
As good as yourself
Everyone else is selling.
Just remember, you don't need to buy
Something you already have
You take your destiny in your own hand
The moment you interpret
Your own dream.
Don't go to Chevy dealer
To service your Mercedes.

I will be gone at this form
I don't want you to miss me.
I just want you to make me happy.
I will be happy when you look at yourself
And smile for your own face

Because I am within you
I am you
You should know that by now
Duality doesn't exist.
One and all

Is all and one

By Kabuli May 15 2013

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