Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Ultimate Vacation

There are friends until the end
There are some just to the first curve
First bend of the road.
That's as far as they make it to.
I am grateful even for half a step.

Some read me because they are in love
Some others think they are
Some for entertainment
Some others try to understand me

A few of you come here
To see what other nonsense I am spreading.
If you are here and are one of those
I want you to smile, you are my favorite

If you have passed the second curve
You know that senses are deceiving
An illusion will never sets you free
Non sense is the only way to go.

Billions of people repeat like parrots
There is no God, but only God
Does one even think?
For a split second
The meaning of phrase one?
The meaning of non-existence?

Plurals are always arrogant
They cause destruction
They build a huge fire
They name it war and human misery

They worship the idol
And they can never solve
The simple equation
That one time zero is zero

I am trying to understand
How to merge zero and one
I am almost there, I can see a shadow
A silhouette, something hidden in fogs

Someday I go to a real vacation
I have a reservation
One I can never cancel
A national park beyond the universe

What is so special about it?
 It’s called nowhere.
The only place I want to be and so do you.
Over here you can hear multiple bangs everywhere
The only bang from nowhere is called a big bang.

If you have space and you have time
Every one of you is a creator
I create a poem and you a painting
No space no time, creation is magic

You heard it once, it lasts forever
For that I am aiming for nowhere
Nowhere is forever and always.

A never ending, an ultimate vacation.

August 2013 by Kabuli
All rights reserved


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