Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Elusive Truth !

“Truth is stranger than fiction” Mark Twain

One day in my imagination
I asked Mansour, what is the secret to truth?
He looked at me blank and replied.
Aren't you short minded to ask me such a question?
I got confused with his answer, 
Aren't you the truth I said?
He laughed and wouldn't stop
Then he says you don't believe in that, do you?
I was going mad, 
I said if I didn't, I wouldn't have asked you
He said I know that, I was playing with your mind, that's my job
The truth always have to be concealed
Just go live your life, stay out of trouble
I came a long way, I am not about to give up, I reply
He laughs again, I know you wouldn't he says.
Do you know me better than myself?
I ask in amazement
You and everybody else he says.
If you don't know that, why did you come to me ?
I say just like Abraham went to God and said:
That's little bit farfetched Sir.
Show me please how you bring dead to life?
He laughs again
He says now I believe you,
People who are too afraid of God to even joke with him, 
They rarely make it to him.
So you want to know the truth?
You cannot handle an atom of it
For your body and mind is not conditioned to grasp it,  
It will put you on fire till eternity
I was cut in pieces, then was burned
My ashes were spread in the river Tigris.  
Even that didn't stop the fire
I am an eternal flame
I give light to the Universe
All you are after is well being of you and your family
But remember one thing
You and everybody else who is after the truth
You have to seek and find it by your free well
I am the truth, I cannot teach it to you
The luckiest of you, will suffer the enormous pain
They lose their body and soul in the process
Until they discover the truth
Then they are one with me
They are the truth
I got confused even more than I was.

And I leave scratching the back of my head.

( The myth of Great Mansour i  Halaj is one fascinating myth in Sufism, you can read more about it from multiple of sources )

By Kabuli
August 2013


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