Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Back to Basics !

Basics? He laughs.
Shouldn’t basics be serious?
It should make sense.
It should be widely accepted.
Everything you say is a joke.
Will you take anything serious?

I look up and say:
Its funny you should say that.
Isn’t that the way you created me?
You left seriousness to Moses.
And he was the one who gladly accepted it.
I am the irresponsible one remember?
I say what comes out of my mind.
You erased the word consequences from my dictionary.

Interesting he says.
And speaking of Moses, why did you take on
All the religions the other night?
Don’t you know every single one of them
Have a path that leads to me
To seek me, to worship me?

That is true I say
That’s how they all start at least
Until they forget about you
And start on each other.
We rip each other apart
We tear the clothes from each other’s bodies
We steal food from others and put it in our mouths
Even if we are more than full already
No sin is committed at all
We are very good at finding a verse
A scripture that gives us those rights.

Is that all? He says.
Aren’t you afraid of hell?
Don’t you want to go to heaven?
How long you can last you think?

No of course not I say:
And there is more.
Since when you need worshiping?
I thought you were happy being lonely.
Since you are the only one real
And we are all fakes.
And don’t tell me, you have a religion
Or belong to one.
I laugh again and say
That trick about heaven and hell
Is thousands of years old?
They needed to hear that.
I listened very carefully
When you said, you belong to me
And you all come back to me
So make room for me
Because I am coming home
And you know very well, that is your place
Its neither heaven nor Hell.

He laughs and says:
Once again you passed your test.
But be nice to others
Not everybody knows the secret
Everybody is trying
And they are hoping for the best
There is no wrong way.
It all depends on what you know
What you can grasp
What surrounds you?
And what you have been told.

For the first time, I bite my lip
I am ashamed and I look down
I keep whispering:
Will do, will do, will do!!!

A loud thunder wakes me up
My wife asks: Will do what!!????
I laugh and say:

Will buy those shoes for you tomorrow!!!

By Kabuli
September 24-2913
All rights reserved

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Fereshta said...

This poem is so spiritually intelligent with a good taste of humor. Very well done. I am so proud to be your daughter. <3