Monday, December 8, 2014

The Beauty of Nothingness !!

Nothing is so Beautiful.

So simple, yet so elegant.


Everybody tries to understand
What is there, what is around and far
So am I, I am a seeker.
Maybe I am from a different race
A different species
I am not the a child of evolution
For I am looking for what’s nothing.
Not here, not there and not beyond
I've seen a glimpse of it
Nothingness is so beautiful
It’s the source of it all
That permanent smile on my face
It has a reason
I said goodbye to all the conflicts
When you praise Allah
Or Jesus or Yahweh
I am with you in every breath
And all that praise

You name him something
It doesn't matter
Cause he has no name
Then there are those
Who say he doesn't exist
I couldn't agree more
That's the only truth
He doesn't, and I smile at them too.
If they only knew
By denying the power
They just prove it
Beyond any doubt.
Things exist, he or she
Me and you
Buddha and Jesus
But not him
The one who never dies
So he never resurrects. 
He is not a thing or a he
Neither a she
The truth doesn't exist

For non-existence is the only truth
December 2014
By Kabuli

Thursday, November 6, 2014

A Dream called Life

I was a child once
Couldn't wait to bounce
To leave the chains of limitations
Grown up life would be fun, full of animations
I relied on parents, now I rely on kids
All my desires always had to be put under lids
Who is adult, who is a child, I always wonder
Aren't we all kids? So why pretend, why blunder.?
I was wrong then, it will be laughable to say, I am right now
My whole life was a dream, I don't know why, I don't know how?

November 2014

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Hidden Beauty

Closest to my heart
There is someone,
I have never seen
Neither have I spoken too.
Yet I see every second,
I talk to every moment.
What a contradiction

Yet that contradiction,
Keeps me alive
Keeps us all alive
It nourish us, it evolves us
For better, for higher achievements

Without North and South poles
Solar flares will fry us
Without negative and positive charges
That resides within an atom,
Without electrons and protons
Universe itself doesn’t exist.

I know you are there
Closer than anybody to me
And to everybody else
More valuable than the treasure of Multiverse
Multiplied by infinity
You are in my DNA, in my genes
Denying you, will be denying myself

People came and gone
Claimed to be your deputies, your cousins
Your family
Tried to sell you to us
For power, for money
Or to make us submit to their will
Calling it your will
Something that has to be done
To be obeyed

All those claims making me laugh
Sometimes angry
When they use it to destroy
To kill and to collect
But most of the time
I am grateful
Grateful to you
To make me see you
For a glimpse of what you are

I see you in running water
In crystal of every drop
In clear chill of mountain breeze
In a leaf of a beautiful tree
In the songs of a beautiful little bird
Most importantly
In the love you give me
To appreciate the selfless faithfulness
Of my beautiful wife
And the beautiful smile of my three kids
The heartbeats you gave me
Are the drumbeats
That plays the love song
For the love of humanity
And everything good and beautiful
That you created

Yes, I never seen you
I have never spoken to you
Yet I see you everyday
Inside of me and out there
I have limited vision with my eyes
But when I close my eyes
I see infinity
I see you

And yes we talk
Every second, every day
Without opening my mouth.

I laugh sometime
When people search so hard
For what is obvious
With all the money spent
All the efforts made
To make us understand
If Telepathy could be achieved
To convey our ideas to others
Without actually speaking
Yes telepathy does exist
And so does extra sensory perception
It always existed
Between man and God
All you have to do is use it

No middle man required.

Friday, January 10, 2014

The Broken Unbreakable !!!

I met you once
Then again and again
When you would smile
The scent of flowers from heaven
Would spread around me
When you walk by
I would see indescribable light show
Of the most beautiful butterflies
In the unseen garden of Eden
When you would laugh
I would hear the angels sing
I thought with you
I would be immortal
I thought around you
I would be unbreakable

I would say to myself
Please, please God
Don’t let me ruin this
God didn’t listen
I ruined it anyways
I didn’t know
My ignorance will take over my desire
To ruin my love
And I let you go
A little too easy

Or maybe I was so vulnerable
Because my safest refuge was you
And you were the one,
You took the hammer.
To break me in pieces

Now those days are gone
And I am hoping
In another parallel universe
The outcome is better
And I keep telling myself
Remember this is a poem
And poems are fictions
No word is real
Only to wish
That I could believe it myself              
By Kabuli, January 2014
All rights reserved

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Stranger !!!

I am a stranger and an alien
A lonely soul
I talk to others
I interact and care for all
For one and for all
But forgive me if I can’t.
I can’t be counted
As part of your crowd or your class
Your category or your division
I cannot be organized
No research, no statistics
No study, no sociology
No one can put me in a pod

You would say sure I can
But that's because
You have no idea who I am.
No knowledge of what’s in my mind
I am still grateful that you try.
How could you know?
If I don’t know it myself.

I only know bits and pieces
What I am not is obvious
I never hurt anybody
And I never will.
Not because I am so good.
It is just because God made me that way
All I have is because of him
I am full of love for his creation

Good and bad is not for me to judge
It's for him, for the creator.
If he ever even intends to
Even though I have a feeling
He wouldn't have to, because he knows

I make you read the stuff I write
Only because you try to know me
To know even when I don’t know
I am grateful for all nice words
All the praise I hear which I don’t deserve

I know that much, I am not recruiting
I am in no need of followers
I don’t profit on my soul
Because that belongs to my creator
And I would never have intention
To sell him cheap or sell him at all
I leave that to organized religions
And to make you feel good lecturers
I am not about making you feel good

All I want is:
To make myself break free
And in the process make you free too
Free with me because at the end
There is no me and there is no you
Neither exists without the other

The world we are heading to
The world of non-existence
I doubt will ever ask
Which train did you take?
To get here, where you belong
At the end of a long journey
All categories, all classifications gone.
All you will hear when there is no need for ears,
The sweetest sentence ever told
Welcome back home stranger.
All rights reserved
By Kabuli , January 2014


Sunday, January 5, 2014

Unfunished Busines

What is inside I cannot see,
What's outside I do not know.
What surrounds me,
I do not agree with.
What is far from me,
 It could be worse
Should I stay here?
Or should I go?
Does here even exist?
Oh it better be
If this is non-existence?
Then I have nowhere to go.
The colors and sounds,
The lights and darkness
 It's all a circus.
An expensive commercial
With all the flash and all the bangs
A late night infomercial
That makes me scream
Please stop this nonsense.
I want to sleep
I want to go to the real world
For dreams are real
Everyday struggle is not...

 All rights reserved
By Kabuli December 2013