Thursday, January 9, 2014

Stranger !!!

I am a stranger and an alien
A lonely soul
I talk to others
I interact and care for all
For one and for all
But forgive me if I can’t.
I can’t be counted
As part of your crowd or your class
Your category or your division
I cannot be organized
No research, no statistics
No study, no sociology
No one can put me in a pod

You would say sure I can
But that's because
You have no idea who I am.
No knowledge of what’s in my mind
I am still grateful that you try.
How could you know?
If I don’t know it myself.

I only know bits and pieces
What I am not is obvious
I never hurt anybody
And I never will.
Not because I am so good.
It is just because God made me that way
All I have is because of him
I am full of love for his creation

Good and bad is not for me to judge
It's for him, for the creator.
If he ever even intends to
Even though I have a feeling
He wouldn't have to, because he knows

I make you read the stuff I write
Only because you try to know me
To know even when I don’t know
I am grateful for all nice words
All the praise I hear which I don’t deserve

I know that much, I am not recruiting
I am in no need of followers
I don’t profit on my soul
Because that belongs to my creator
And I would never have intention
To sell him cheap or sell him at all
I leave that to organized religions
And to make you feel good lecturers
I am not about making you feel good

All I want is:
To make myself break free
And in the process make you free too
Free with me because at the end
There is no me and there is no you
Neither exists without the other

The world we are heading to
The world of non-existence
I doubt will ever ask
Which train did you take?
To get here, where you belong
At the end of a long journey
All categories, all classifications gone.
All you will hear when there is no need for ears,
The sweetest sentence ever told
Welcome back home stranger.
All rights reserved
By Kabuli , January 2014


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