Friday, January 10, 2014

The Broken Unbreakable !!!

I met you once
Then again and again
When you would smile
The scent of flowers from heaven
Would spread around me
When you walk by
I would see indescribable light show
Of the most beautiful butterflies
In the unseen garden of Eden
When you would laugh
I would hear the angels sing
I thought with you
I would be immortal
I thought around you
I would be unbreakable

I would say to myself
Please, please God
Don’t let me ruin this
God didn’t listen
I ruined it anyways
I didn’t know
My ignorance will take over my desire
To ruin my love
And I let you go
A little too easy

Or maybe I was so vulnerable
Because my safest refuge was you
And you were the one,
You took the hammer.
To break me in pieces

Now those days are gone
And I am hoping
In another parallel universe
The outcome is better
And I keep telling myself
Remember this is a poem
And poems are fictions
No word is real
Only to wish
That I could believe it myself              
By Kabuli, January 2014
All rights reserved

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