Monday, December 8, 2014

The Beauty of Nothingness !!

Nothing is so Beautiful.

So simple, yet so elegant.


Everybody tries to understand
What is there, what is around and far
So am I, I am a seeker.
Maybe I am from a different race
A different species
I am not the a child of evolution
For I am looking for what’s nothing.
Not here, not there and not beyond
I've seen a glimpse of it
Nothingness is so beautiful
It’s the source of it all
That permanent smile on my face
It has a reason
I said goodbye to all the conflicts
When you praise Allah
Or Jesus or Yahweh
I am with you in every breath
And all that praise

You name him something
It doesn't matter
Cause he has no name
Then there are those
Who say he doesn't exist
I couldn't agree more
That's the only truth
He doesn't, and I smile at them too.
If they only knew
By denying the power
They just prove it
Beyond any doubt.
Things exist, he or she
Me and you
Buddha and Jesus
But not him
The one who never dies
So he never resurrects. 
He is not a thing or a he
Neither a she
The truth doesn't exist

For non-existence is the only truth
December 2014
By Kabuli