Monday, January 5, 2015

The Story of the boy who left

“I saw my Lord with the eye of the heart
I asked, ‘Who are You?’
He replied, ‘You’”
(Mansour Al Halaj)

Hey brother, traveler child
With a shiny heart clear than diamond
Fresher than water from the fountain of life
A boy of seven, but a soul of billions of years
How is that I never met you
But I still took every step with you
You sung from top of your lungs
The songs of the existence
The songs non-existence
And I listened, not with my ears
But with my heart
I watched you hurry through the deserts
Through the mountains
And the rivers
I wasn't born then
Yet in my pre-birth life
I was keeping your company
I wouldn’t let you get bored
I would share hunger with you
Your hardship was mine
The pain you suffered
The pain I suffered
Would make us both laugh
Mindless and weird
Kids that we were
Others would buy food and fruit
Or fancy clothes
We would buy pain, buy adventure
To teach our soul a lesson
Or just to make fun of it,
We wouldn't cheat,
We wouldn't lie
For, the mind of a child is always pure
Don’t let them tell you otherwise.

I would say we are so fragile
And travel is so hard
And I wish I was home
We are only kids.
Dancing and twirling
You would laugh and say
We are home dummy
And who is kid you say:
Don’t you remember?
The birth of Adam.
Right in front of our eyes
Yet he has been dead for thousands of years.
Adams come and Adams go
Start counting
All the ones you seen
And all the ones you will see.

I am thinking now
That boy and me
We traveled different paths
How can I remember his?
How can he remember mine?

Then I suddenly hear his voice
Loud and clear:
Hey Mansour!!
Even the tortures
Of Caliphs of Baghdad
Didn't teach you a lesson.
If you leave the land of deceptive reason
And the non-sense common sense
You will reach a garden
Where Sane is insane
And where craziness is the order of time
And the truth of non-existence
Stares at your eyes
The firework in heavens
Draws the colorful flowers
Which reads like this.
I am you and you are me

And this is the only truth.

By Kabuli
January 2015
All rights reserved