Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Silent Thunder

In silence I hear thunder
When it's stormy I am deaf
My eyes are open
I see nothing
When I close them
I see lightning
I see fireworks
In emptiness I feel full
When surrounded by matter
By Universe, I am empty
Why everything looks upside down
Or myself, I am hanging upside down.
Am I made of Antimatter?
Or Antimatter made of of me?
What's the secret in this world?
Why everybody solves it but me?
Or is it?
Too many secrets that I solved
Finally I reach the point
I feel sorry for wasted time
There was nothing to solve at all
Nothing to begin with
You cannot solve emptiness
You cannot formulate nothingness
You don't run away from nonexistence
You just join it to get free

June 2015 by kabuli
All rights reserved

Saturday, June 13, 2015

A Friend's Quest

To all the lovers in the world


My eyes are closed
I feel a presence
I rub my eyes
Startled, I ask who you are.
Your friend, he says.
What is this?
How did you get here?
I am still puzzled.

He laughs and says
You shouldn't be asking
Your door is always open
To your friends
You always feel oneness
One with us, one with them.
But, I don't even remember you
I demand
Patience he says my friend.
What can I do? I ask.
Just tell her he says.
Tell who, tell her what?
I inquire, still confused
Tell her, she is my life,
My world, my afterlife.
I die, just thinking of separation
I resurrect feeling a glimpse of her
From the corner her eyes
I can't sleep, I can't eat.
I am paralyzed of any action.
Please, will you do this for me?
A small task for you
Life or dead for me

Frustrated, confused
I scream, who you are
Who is the lucky idol?
Close your eyes he says,
Let me put your hand on my heart.
Only then you would know.

I close my eyes for two seconds.
Something is not right.
I open my eyes right away.
He is nowhere to be found.
I see my hand on my own heart.
I just hear a whisper.
I am you, your own soul

Only then I get it
I laugh and say,
Tough luck my friend.
It's not going to happen
Find someone else.
True love doesn't need to be told.
That's why you will never find me,
In a church or in a mosque
Or a temple or an altar.
For love creates you
Then makes you love her
Her hide and seek is my play
My journey is to find her
My life, my breath
My purpose, my passion.

The minute I stop

I don't exist.
By Kabuli
June 2015
All rights reserved

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A Road Called Life

The sun is shining
Visibility is so perfect
I go full throttle
I run, hurrying
Sometime not paying attention
To what's around
To all the beauty
To love that surrounds me
Then it gets stormy
I cannot see what's ahead of the curve
I fall, I get up crawling
I am in pain , but what is pain?
Something I gave my mother
When I came to this world
Now it's my turn
It's only fair.
I am not upset
I don't say why me?
If there were no bumps,
There wouldn't be open roads.
I am not terrified of the unknown
Because life is just a toll booth
A stop in a journey
A one night hotel stay
I was the same before I stopped here
I'll be the same when I leave.
Worrying is for mortals
I am immortal
I just change what I wear
I wear one Tee shirt in this world
I wore many in the previous stops.
I have unlimited wardrobe
To try on
On the portals and inns
Rooms and suites ahead


By Kabuli
June 2015 , All rights reserved

Tuesday, June 9, 2015


What I say is boring to you
 You are sane and I am crazy.
 You are all common sense
 I am in love with nonsense.
You want a normal life
 Normalcy is boring to me.
You count day and night
You believe in time
For me time doesn't exist
It is all fake, artificial
It is man made
And man is very far
From the truth, from what's there.
From what's behind the curtain
In real world of non-existence
Time is a concept.
That divides your world's events.
How can you divide infinity?
For infinity is real
Everything else fake      

June 2015

All rights reserved