Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A Road Called Life

The sun is shining
Visibility is so perfect
I go full throttle
I run, hurrying
Sometime not paying attention
To what's around
To all the beauty
To love that surrounds me
Then it gets stormy
I cannot see what's ahead of the curve
I fall, I get up crawling
I am in pain , but what is pain?
Something I gave my mother
When I came to this world
Now it's my turn
It's only fair.
I am not upset
I don't say why me?
If there were no bumps,
There wouldn't be open roads.
I am not terrified of the unknown
Because life is just a toll booth
A stop in a journey
A one night hotel stay
I was the same before I stopped here
I'll be the same when I leave.
Worrying is for mortals
I am immortal
I just change what I wear
I wear one Tee shirt in this world
I wore many in the previous stops.
I have unlimited wardrobe
To try on
On the portals and inns
Rooms and suites ahead


By Kabuli
June 2015 , All rights reserved

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