Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Silent Thunder

In silence I hear thunder
When it's stormy I am deaf
My eyes are open
I see nothing
When I close them
I see lightning
I see fireworks
In emptiness I feel full
When surrounded by matter
By Universe, I am empty
Why everything looks upside down
Or myself, I am hanging upside down.
Am I made of Antimatter?
Or Antimatter made of of me?
What's the secret in this world?
Why everybody solves it but me?
Or is it?
Too many secrets that I solved
Finally I reach the point
I feel sorry for wasted time
There was nothing to solve at all
Nothing to begin with
You cannot solve emptiness
You cannot formulate nothingness
You don't run away from nonexistence
You just join it to get free

June 2015 by kabuli
All rights reserved

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