Tuesday, October 20, 2015

True Religion?

" Let the unknown remains unknown. If it was true, you would have figured it out by now."

Once I asked
This is not true religion.
All those crimes
All the hurting, harms and killings..
Telling people what to do.
And God forbid if they don't .
No reply
Total silence.
Why nobody ever answers?
Yes or no?
Is it? Or is it not?
A simple answer would be nice.
Don't play that game
He says with a smile, with a smirk.
I heard this question before.
Everybody asks it.
But what would my answer do?
You would never listen anyways.
You create something
You make up your mind.
Then you ask me.
You hope I say what you want to hear.
It doesn't work this way.
When you say you don't know
And you are asking me for answer.
Make sure to be ready
For what you hear
Not what you want to hear.
Maybe the question itself
The one you asking
Is wrong
There is no true religion
And no fake ones.
They are just religions.
It changes all the time
And keeps changing.
With time, with tribe, with society.
With your feelings
Strong feeling that you call faith
You call belief.
You say I ordered massacres
To give you, your promised land.
I already gave you promised land
It's called earth.
Religion of people who wiped
Who purified villages and towns
From every moving, living beings
Religion of Isis or Taliban
And the Ayatollah
Or a sheikh
Or the more humane versions
Religions of liberals or a democracy.
It's just religion.
Neither is true, neither is fake.
The only truth I know it is:
That I didn't say any of those things
Even you say they are in scripture.
The ones that justifies
Your savagery
Your injustice
If I created everything
Every living being
All that's animated
Or unanimated
Why would I order you to destroy it?
To wipe them out.?
The only scripture
You need to remember
Is that I gave you
 The greatest gifts of all.
Your brain, the power of thoughts.
I will not create and tell you to kill it.
Use your brain
If it contradicts
It can not be true.
By Kabuli
October 2015