Monday, December 28, 2015

A Lie

The original poem I wrote with this title is in Persian, written in 2010. I promised someday I will write the English version because of enormous positive response I got and while I don’t deserve it, thanks all who said nice words about it. Sorry, most of the time English can not capture the soul and depth of Persian mystic poetry. I will try my best.

A lie !!!!

You told me to lie and live comfortably
I said sure, but all my lies are truth
What they call truth is fraud, children stories.
What I say are lies according to the world
Because you can not feel it with five senses
What is evident to others, always hidden from me.
You said: You gave me headache, I don’t know what are you saying.
I said of course, because the language I speak
They haven’t invented alphabet for it yet
You said can you not speak in my language?
I said why not, just close your ears
Only then you would understand my secret
You said repent from blasphemy and disbelief.
I said no way, blasphemy is my faith.
What they call faith is the worse than apostasy
It is not fair whatever you hear from cleric and Imam
You call it words of God
You said abandon crooked ways, choose a straight path.
I said I don’t have legs to go straight or crooked
My soul is a globe of fire my tribe is the Sun itself.
anywhere it stands, the center of gravity doesn’t change
Wherever it goes, it is the right path.
You said you tested all my patience
I don’t want to hear anymore
I said now you getting somewhere
What you said at the end
Is the beginning of free soul

By Kabuli

December 28 2015

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Ant Colonies

Whenever I see ugliness
Injustice, tyranny
Ignorance and bigotry
Intolerance and self righteousness
Sadness spreads through my heart.
Then I think
This life is not long enough
To get wasted, feeling sorry
For ignorant pride of others
Not one, not a thousand, not a million
You can not rectify,
Everything that is crooked.
Just distinguish yourself
Be the best you can be.
It is hard to separate your human body
From your soul
But if you polish your soul
From all ugliness
All prejudice and hate,
Just bite your own tongue
And don't payback hate with hate
It can be done
Just try little harder
Than the effort you already made.
Then your soul is a divine soul
Then you don't obey your ego.
Light shines through you.
You fly. You see from above.
Ugliness is gone
You see all the beauty
All harmony and peace
And a few ant colonies
That fight over territory
All you want to do is laugh
And move to next scenery.

By Kabuli
December 27. 2015

Thursday, December 17, 2015

In the name of God.

The monster of insanity
Disgrace to all humanity
Left his body to claim his prize.
Proud of himself, to be so wise.
Where is heaven he would say
I prayed five times a day.
I killed in the name of God.
My vision of his kingdom broad.
This feels like frying pan I am like fish
I did nothing wrong only his wish
I have a coupon for seventy two virgins
Could it be them hiding behind the curtains.
Creeks of milk and honey, shade of tree
Giggling girls when they swallow water , you can see.
I did jihad, I sold children of kufaar.
No one can top my hate so far.
I killed the adult in all the corners.
Enslaved the women and teens while they were mourners

A chilling voice came loud and clear.
From nowhereland, suddenly did appear.
Keep talking you lowest of lows.
Your ugliness darkens all that glows
Don't let me stop you, say all you done.
I have no time, say it before I run.
Oh God, you here at last, you made me worry.
But it's all right now, I expected the flurry
Everything I did I started with your name.
I have left no room what so ever for blame
In the name of most gracious most merciful
I cleaned the earth with a force of a crazy bull.
I am no God, you ignorant murderer, ugly thing
Was just passing by ,heard your nonsense ring
You call God the one with mercy and grace
But every crime you committed you had no mercy no grace.
Heaven is no house for your imaginary virgin
No one enslaves no spirit, your brain needs a neuro_surgeon.
You treated God created free women as object, as property
Your don't even deserve your mother's milk, if you could think properly
Don't be yelling the name of God, your mouth is dirty
Your torment, your torture should be more and plenty.