Sunday, December 27, 2015

Ant Colonies

Whenever I see ugliness
Injustice, tyranny
Ignorance and bigotry
Intolerance and self righteousness
Sadness spreads through my heart.
Then I think
This life is not long enough
To get wasted, feeling sorry
For ignorant pride of others
Not one, not a thousand, not a million
You can not rectify,
Everything that is crooked.
Just distinguish yourself
Be the best you can be.
It is hard to separate your human body
From your soul
But if you polish your soul
From all ugliness
All prejudice and hate,
Just bite your own tongue
And don't payback hate with hate
It can be done
Just try little harder
Than the effort you already made.
Then your soul is a divine soul
Then you don't obey your ego.
Light shines through you.
You fly. You see from above.
Ugliness is gone
You see all the beauty
All harmony and peace
And a few ant colonies
That fight over territory
All you want to do is laugh
And move to next scenery.

By Kabuli
December 27. 2015

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