Thursday, May 17, 2018

I was a poet once

I was a poet once
What a powerful one
Words of magic
Were hidden in those verses
Words of love
With a purity of sparkling water
From the very top of the mountain
Every syllable
Had the gentleness of the morning breeze
That brings life
To even the laziest creatures.
Yes, words were so beautiful
That I always doubted
I wrote them.
You made me write them
You give them beauty
Out of this world.
Because I wanted words to match
Your incredible beauty
Which truly was
Outside this universe.
I could never write the same
Never ever again.
You pretended you wanted to go
I let you go so  soon
 I didn't want to be a bother
I didn't want to stalk you.
So all I did
I gave you the book
Collection of those poems.
For I could never say those words
With such a beauty
To someone
Other than you.
You gladly accepted it.
You wanted it with all the desire.
For you never wanted to go
You were pretending
And for me " I want to go"
Was something I respected.
It was the written words of God to Moses.
You went to some parallel universe.
So went that book of poetry.
I wish I could read it now just for memory
But I know that parallel universe
Can never be accessible
From the Universe, I live in
The universe that I am stuck in