Thursday, June 19, 2008

I am a shadow

I am a shadow,
but not as dense as I used to be.
My shades are fading.
I was playing hide and seek with the Sun once.
It kept my density intact.
I was thinking:
I preserve myself better that way.
Self-defense, like all animals, all living beings.
I was preserving by staying away from the sun.
I laugh at my Immaturity now.
I was going nowhere then.
Preservation means losing big time.
Preserving body keeps the soul in chains.
Now every day I become less and less dense.
I am becoming more transparent.
My love reached to me.
And I reached to him.
Still have a long way to go.
Or maybe not that long.
Only he knows.
The one who sent me here.
"Go, be a shadow on earth", he says.
Let see if you can do what I am sending you for.
Let's see if you can find your way back home.

He is a gambler, and so am I.
But now I am a smart one.
I learned from my master.
His bit was always sure.
I learned to make mine sure too.
I have a great teacher.
His essence did the trick.
I try to destroy everything,
that's not him, within me.
I am throwing away the impurity.
I am transparent shadow now.
I am not as eager to play anymore.
I am bored from that game.
But now the sun is addicted to what we started.

Playing hide and seek.
I am making progress.
Every day I become less and less dense.
You can see through me now.
Soon he will have no choice but to accept me.
Sun will shine.
I will go away.
Disappear forever

It doesn't matter anymore.
I see him around the corner,
The one I am playing with.
I abandon the game
and I walk toward him.
I run when I can.
For me the game is over.
He laughs, he says come on.
You made it.
I frown, I say what took you so long.
Then I laugh too.
I don't exist.
I am part of Sun, eternal Sun.

He is addicted.
He will send more shadows.
But they are not going to be me.
I feel sorry for them.
And pray that they play the game.
As good as I did.
I want to show them one trick.
If they listen:
Don't be fools.
Your games are timed.
Your time is limited. His is not.
As long as you remember that,
His love is so great. He lets you win.
I am happy now.
What a bargain!
I sold myself, and bought the Sun.

I have translated this poem in Farsi, you can read it here !!


Calendar of shadows: June 19, 2008

Monday, June 16, 2008

Hidden treasure

Come on,
Don't be shy,
Show yourself,
We both know that I know,
I seen you once,
What makes you think,
That, I can't see you again,
You went through me,
Like I didn't even exist.
So arrogant.
But now your secret is revealed.
So save your energy.
No need to hide.
Dimensions are gone.
I can penetrate
Your invisible wall


Who am I, not to share?
What is already yours.
Take whatever you can.
Leave nothing to me.
All I need is love of Nothingness.
Of Non_Existence
I am not giving that to you.
You don't even need to reach for that.
Its given to you for free
When you seek it.
When you want it badly.
Am I selfish?
God I hope not.
My spirit is free. Or, is it?
I may still have a way to reach it.
Getting closer.
But the last mile is always the longest.
My journey will end , when I reach there.
Another world will be born.
The one that surrounds me.
And yet still I cannot see,
When I open my eyes.
But I can feel when they are closed.
I fly away to unreachable.
I touch the sky.
I spread my arms, my wings.
I will never reach down to you.
But up, up, yes I will reach up.
Because you are there.
Touching is not everything.
I can see you, happy, floating, singing.
Seeing is better than touching.
When you see with your eyes closed
Evil can not get between.
You will never wake Satan up,
When you love without touching.
When you see without the eyes.
When you stop the tongue and open your ears.
Not the ears in your head.
The ears of your heart.
7:09 AM