Friday, October 23, 2009

Shades of grey

This is not a separate post or subject.
I will try to explain the poem I just posted before this: The Kaleidoscope.
Let’s start from some wise peoples quotes:
A bird flies in the sky; a hunter sees its moving shadow on plains. He is shooting arrows at the shadow. At the end of the day he had exhausted his load of ammunition, tired, getting nothing in return. (Rumi)... We are that hunter, nobody seen the bird.
We are that fetus in our mother’s wombs, unaware of how big the world invisible to us is (Rumi)
The most knowledgeable person is the one who finally discovered that he knows nothing. (Socrates)
We are the people inside a cave. We see shadows of the people from outside on the walls of our caves and we don’t know who or what they are and what is that world? Much bigger than ours. (Plato)
Now let me ask you some questions which will serve as explanation:
What colors exist beyond ultraviolet and Infra-red? Isn't our narrow visible spectrum less than one percent of the whole spectrum?
Do dogs and dolphins, turtles and frogs, eagles and sharks see the same colors? What color do they see the world in? Which world is real, which colors are authentic? Do cats or flying squirrel see beyond infrared or ultraviolet? Etc.
Now nothing is black and white and everything is different shade of grey. Is right what you believe is right and wrong what you believe is wrong? Doesn’t that change depending by age, years, century or what society you live in and what is your prospective? So the most important and final question: Does ultimate right exist?
Ok, I gave you enough to think about. Good luck 
©Kabuli, 2009 all right reserved


Looking through all those colors
Giving me a headache
I understand nothing
What is real, what is not?
Thinking about the origin
Thinking about the nature
Of everything I see, everything I feel.
Nothing makes sense.
I close my eyes.
I try to see what is not there
To see what have no color
I hear a soundless voice.
Take off the kaleidoscope
They are attached to your eyes.
It is there to create the illusion
To make colors.
Want the truth?
Everything is grey.
Even black and white doesn’t exist.
What you call black is the darkest grey you can see.
What you call white is the lightest grey you can sense.
Everything else is a shade of grey.
There are no colors.

©Kabuli 2009 All Rights Reserved.