Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Drop of Water !!!

  • Clouds are forming with unbelievable speed.

    What is all this noise about?
    What is all the humming promotions?

    Happy drops of water.
    All come together to form the cloud.
    The shape they want it to be.
    What is it going to be today?

    Every one of them, every drop of water,
    Have thousands of atoms in their stomach.
    And inside those atoms,
    A big symphony is playing.
    Every atom filled with a music band.
    A world inside an atom.
    Music notes, strings, and dancers,
    All synchronized.

    Breathe taking order.
    Positioned just right.

    The unstoppable music fills the air.
    Who could compose with such a beauty?
    It is totally magic.
    Asking for miracle?
    There is your miracle.
    There is never business as usual.
    A magic every second,
    A miracle every nanosecond.

    The particles and the strings inside each atom,
    Dancing to the rhythm,
    Turning at a speed that makes you dizzy,
    Dance of twirling Dervishes,
    All the instruments playing notes,
    From symphony number 01
    Called Love and Universe
    Love inside love,
    Universe inside universe.

    Then all the atoms inside the drop of water synchronized.
    Making a big piece
    Composed of thousand and thousand smaller pieces
    from all the instrument and dancers in each atom.
    That brings even bigger harmony to the drop.

    Now each drop have different tune,
    Composed with all the little parts, big parts.
    Hi octave, low ones, high pitch, small pitch and in the middle.

    The curtain opens,

    It is home coming for the water.

    Clapping, light effects, thunder, lightning.
    All the nature is all ears and eyes,

    Trees are excited and ocean is proud,
    Grass is hungry to swallow all the beauty.

    Rain starts,
    The water is coming home,
    Getting united with ocean,

    All the hugging and excitement.

    But there is already talk about next mission.

    The cycle that will start all over again.

    Seattle 8/28/08 9PM
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