Monday, February 23, 2009


In the middle of the night,
When sun is resting in deep sleep.
A black veil spreads all over the west.
A thick curtain hides everything.

Here and there
A scream, a yell, a laugh from a bar.
Signifies a fight, a tasteless joke,
Making someone feels good about himself.
At the expense of others.
Someone shooting a gun
Another replies.

A women screams for help somewhere.
For the temper of her husband, her boyfriend.
Who thinks his car has more value
Than his companion, his wife.
Unaware of that he is the one with no value.
For he is under the illusion,
That someone else is less than him.

Children can't go to sleep,
For a monster is hiding in the closet.
Or parents are outside, having fun
And expect the nature to bring the best.
Out of the neglected kids.

I am laying in my bed
Thinking about all that and more.
The dark veil, does its magic.
No light is coming,
That's how I want it.
Double curtain on my window.
I get baptized every night.
By the darkness of the night.
All hate gets washed out.
All the judgments take a break.

Darkness is a bless
A magic formula,
A cure to every pain.
I close my eyes,
I transfer vision to my heart.
Worship the universe,
See if I can reach the one that puts it together.

I fly away,
I leave the earth with its inhabitant.
Now the darkness in the west is gone.
I passed even the galaxies
A new kind of light shines.
That doesn't hurt the eyes.
That doesn't trigger my migraine.
A light out of this world.
Bigger than life
Better than creation itself.
A source of all that exist.
And that bigger universe.

That doesn't, the non-existence.