Wednesday, July 22, 2009

God is talking :

There is no sound wave but you hear
There is no light but you see
You smell and you taste
Without tasting, without smelling
You wake up, you remember everything.
That’s God showing you, talking to you
Makes you feel, makes you understand.
It is not just Moses.
God does talk to you, to me.
To nice people, to tyrants.
Even it is with such clarity.
We tend to ignore,
We tend to dismiss
How unfortunate.
©2009 Kabuli. All rights reserved

Monday, July 20, 2009

The infinity

I came from nowhere,
I am heading to nowhere,
Every second of my enlightened life.
I am so excited.
To get back there.
To non-existence.
Where seconds and hours.
Days and nights.
Stop counting and passing.
And I meet the unnamed one.
The one who sent me here.
Maybe than he tells me.

What was the reason?
©Kabuli 2009. All rights reserved.