Friday, November 5, 2010

Death of Sun!

Where did I come from?

In a faraway horizon,
Further than our milky way
Another galaxy has a sun
Which has reached its  maturity.
Done with all its duty and more.
Wants to leave a legacy.
Doesn't want to go without a bang
Which will change the future of the Universe.
The sun is dying but what a death.
It goes to non-existence, to infinity
The real heaven not the one in scriptures.
It puts mythology to shame, leaves religion to dust.
On its way out, stardust are born.
I am that tiny stardust.
Almost invisible but smart, conscious.
I found my way to a place called Earth.
I made my own destiny.
I am that stardust.
My age goes beyond calendars
Beyond age. Billions of years.
My birthday is not written in some sacred book.
I am a stardust that evolved billion times
And became human.
Master of my planet, master of history.
Someday I will change garments again.
I will die as a human
But die with a bang.
I would laugh at the moment of death.
Saying to my kids:
Once a changed a tiny planet called earth.
Now I am worthy of promotion
I have bigger duty.
So long…
I am going to change the universe
Then I disappear into non-existence
Get one with Infinity
With my creator.

By Kabuli
November 5, 2010 All rights reserved.