Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Through your eyes.

"Surely we belong to God and to Him shall we return" Quran 2:156
My eyes are good enough
As good as evolution made them
They satisfy my bare necessities.
To see the colors, the matrix
When the light reflects to my retina
And send signals to my brain

But my soul is thirsty
There are no photons
No reflections
Where matter doesn't exist.
In the world of non-existence
Where the chief architect
The creator of Multiverse resides

I read some stories
About near death experience
The light in the tunnel.
It is good for entertainment
A fairy tale
But I know it is not so.

I need another pair of eyes.
To look at what is beyond the matter
Beyond existence
To satisfy my soul
For, my soul resides where you are
In a world much bigger than this:
The infinite non-existence.

I close my eyes
I try to see with yours.
With your glimpse
To look at a world
With no colors, no lights of illusion
Where neither darkness or light shine
I want to feel and taste
What you kept from me
By sending me shopping
To this artificial Disney

Of deception and cheats.

By: Kabuli February 2013

© all rights reserved