Monday, February 9, 2015

Travelling Soul

A star is born
A planet is forming
My fingertip burns
The moment of formation,
The adventurer that I am
I tried to touch it.

Sky is not the limit
Neither is the infinity
Soul doesn't know time
Space has no limitations.

I feel like that neutrino
Passing through the walls
Or the bodies and the forests
Without being detected
I am an observer
When I am a soul.
Here and there and over there
Putting finishing touches
But mostly I watch
The magic work
Of the creator of the Universe.

Upon return I tell the story
No one believes me.
You can’t accomplish that much
You haven’t even left, they say.

I laugh and say:
Remember the story of that dream you had?
It was a week of going
From place to place
Having fun
Enjoying your vacation?
And all you were asleep
Was just minutes
Maybe five or seven
From that:
The dream was only seconds

When you sleep,
You free your soul.
And a soul,
Can accomplish so much
In so little time.
The time we created,
Just to measure our action
While we are awake.

By Kabuli
February 2015
All rights reserved